If congress has such a dismal approval rating (10%-13%), why do we keep re-electing the same fools to office? It seems the American public is aware that the elected members of government spend more time and effort campaigning to raise money for re-election than they put forth on behalf of their constituents. That is, other than those contributing large sums to their campaign coffers. The approval rating shows that we are conscious of their fruitlessness, yet rehire them every two or six years.

Private sector management surveys across all industries repeatedly show that it takes an average of 13 months for a new employee to become proficient at a new position within a company. That holds for new hires as well as employees who have been with the company for five years and longer. For the employee moving within a company, a new position requires diverse interaction with former co-workers and establishing new relationships with individuals in other divisions or departments. A person first entering a company, must overcome the above and develop ways to effectively incorporate his or her previous experience into the new setting.

It takes time, but certainly not ten or twenty years. That is why most efficiently run companies evaluate employees on an annual basis, and sometimes more frequently. These evaluation meetings determine promotions and pay adjustments to reward favorable work ethic and effectiveness. They also determine if additional training is necessary or if training or education will benefit both employer and employee. Lastly, the meetings allow employers to motivate employees. Unmotivated, mediocre or ineffectual employees rightly fear these evaluations knowing that they are also used to terminate unproductive workers. Mediocre employees are replaced by workers of higher enthusiasm or ability. Constant workforce evaluation and adjustment is necessary for survival in the private sector.

After two years, if the employee is not performing to, or beyond, company norms he or she should be reassigned or replaced. This rarely happens with members of congress. Too often, elected representatives are given the benefit of doubt and allowed a second term to prove themselves. Senators have the luxury of six years before they have to reapply for the job. After the second election, they become fixtures and removal is burdensome. Thus, most are re-elected despite demonstrating commonplace proficiency. A plea for continued employment is often that they didn’t do as poorly as their opponent might. That should not be enough to maintain a position in government any more than it is in the private sector.

Less than 20% of elected federal office holders have ever offered themselves to our military service. While military service is not a mandatory qualification, perhaps the values and discipline learned would benefit our office holders and ultimately the citizens they represent. Military service should be an honorable consideration, however, it should never excuse any unsuitabilities.

We currently have a chief executive bankrupting the corporation (America), emasculating his board of directors (congress) and who shows no concern for the investors (citizens). Congress is reluctant to impeach him because his team will call them nasty names, like…racist. They are too timid to fire a CEO who is destroying the company and besmirching the reputation of the industry. Congress is complicit in the fundamental change of devastation. Congress is allowing political correctness to dominate their sworn duty and any personal ethic that may have once existed.

Isn’t it time to fire a few directors and department heads? We can replace them with people concerned for the company and the industry who are willing to improve upon and deliver valuable and marketable products that the world needs like self-respect and drive and honor and prosperity.

You have three weeks to do the right thing!


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