In spite of the rigged voting machines changing red votes to blue candidates or their issues; in spite of precincts encouraging ineligible voters to cast ballots for democrats, and in spite of letters threatening potential voters with lines like, we know how you voted in the past, we’ll know if you vote in the coming election and we know where you live, reasoned thinking won out yesterday.

To get black voters to turn out on behalf of Democrats, Michelle Obama gave her full permission to eat some fried chicken after they vote. If that statement had been made by anyone on the right, it would have caused a firestorm from every “news” agency on the left. The word “racist” would have appeared hundreds of times daily for a week. However, when your last name is Obama, you can negatively stereotype and get away with it. It’s surprising she didn’t include permission to have “a healthy helping of watermelon” with the meal.

Last Monday, Joe Biden said on CNN,  “Look, we’re — we’re ready to compromise”. He also said that he believes a Republican-controlled Senate will move beyond obstructionism.

Those two statements are completely laughable to anyone who actually pays attention to the dealings of congress. Why were the president and Democrats not ready to compromise over the past 6 years? Harry Reid refused to bring any moderate changes to the hideously socialist bills of the Democrats to a vote. When the House wouldn’t rubber stamp the demands of the left, Obama dictatorially threatened his phone and his pen to get things done. “My way or the highway” doesn’t show flexibility or compromise.

Now it’s time for congress to show some strength.  We have the opportunity to right the country that has been rapidly destroyed since 2008. Will the newly elected Republican wimps be able to do that? I doubt it, but we’ll see.

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