The election on November 4, shows that the American people are fed up with the policies of Barack Obama. It also indicates that we are fed up with a Marxist socialist way of life.

While it is unpopular to say, it is true that some people don’t want to work and are accepting of the stipends given to them by the taxpayers. There are, however, many more currently on out of work who would rather be gainfully employed. They are not the ones protesting for more benefits, they are the ones who will help Democrats pack the moving vans and get them out of D.C. and state capitals. They are the ones who voted overwhelmingly to reinstate a capitalist free economy in the United States of America. They want to work, earn and get ahead.

Obamacare will continue to plague us all for a while. However, as more and more people see their introductory premiums rise and find that they cannot afford the co-pays at any premium, there will be pressure put on the 114th Congress to do something about it.

We cannot let Americans languish in Mexican prisons for months because they mistakenly crossed the border with weapons. Just because Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was not part of a specific program designated by the Attorney General to take guns into the country doesn’t mean we should have left him to suffer. I have to wonder, if he was an illegal Mexican national crossing from the U.S. into Mexico, and not an American serviceman, would he have gotten the same treatment from this administration…or Mexico?

Tired of arming the enemy by proxy? Perhaps now we can do something about ISIL other than sending cash, weapons and vehicles to the “moderate” Muslims for redistribution to Al Qaeda and ISIL for ultimate use against us. This looks a lot like just another Fast and Furious scheme?

It is time to plant a firm foot from which to pivot the nation back to sovereignty and the personal prosperity gained from a strong economy. We have now had three days to sigh in relief. It is now time to begin reminding the soon-to-be new office holders of their campaign promises. Boehner and McConnell are just the spineless malleable duo with whom Obama wants to “compromise”.  With this pair, he may no longer need his phone for more than verifying tee times.  His pen may just be used to sign the bills drawn in contrite concession.

Thanks for your votes. Now the real work must begin.


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One Response to “NOVEMBER 4, 2014 – A WIN OR A TIE”

  1. Joe Says:

    Bravo Zulu, Bob.



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