When I read the headline: “Liberals say it Doesn’t Matter How Many GOP Women or Minorities are Elected – They’re Still Sexist and Racist”, I thought I had contracted Turrets Syndrome. My head jerked uncontrollably for a while as I tried to comprehend how liberals can continue to spew such hatred rather than celebrate the diversity they claim they want.

As the violent spasms ended and after the twitching and tics subsided, I was able to once again recognize that liberals never want what they say they want. They only want to trick others into believing in chimerical fantasies.

Once duped, the ignorant can then be deluded into other magical thinking. The ignorant and the stupid might then be caused to believe reasoned thinking and personal responsibility is wrong and that domination and dependence is proper. Mushrooms, peyote, LSD and psychotropic pharmaceuticals help. Also, any or all work best when used in combination with alcohol. Once the subject sees kittens and unicorns, the next step, is to get them to the polls and help them know that (D) is good and (R) is bad. This is where community organizers, with a couple of medicinal brownies, are most essential.

And, Islam is the religion of peace.


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