President Obama is adamant on effecting amnesty for the millions of individuals already in the country illegally. No matter how it is presented, this move is not a humanitarian effort. The motive is not altruistic. And, this move will only invite more illegal immigration while DHS relaxes control of our borders even further.

Many believe the reasoning is to increase the number of Democrat voters. While it may do that, that is merely a transitional footfall toward the end result. The desired outcome is to level the playing field for a smooth transition to a Global Government. It is, in his mind, a mandatory step to lower the status of the United States so that the world can accept us as equal and no longer superior.

At the same time, and in accordance with the progressive program, government standards for education are also being lowered. Common Core is a swing from academic proficiency to social acceptance and societal conformity. With a majority of students accessing only public education, this makes for a more compliant and receptive plebian society.

Amnesty for lawbreakers is only part of the continuing effort to trash the country and the Constitution. Cloward and Piven rule #1: overload the Welfare system of the U.S. to precipitate a crisis. Bankrupt the system to the point where a guaranteed annual income is acceptable. The Utopian consequence is to end poverty as we know it. Welfare and Immigrants Follow the embedded links for a more complete understanding of the immigration picture.

Yes, it will end poverty as we know it. It will, however, create a class of people dependent on and subservient to an all-powerful and ever-growing central government. (Read: Marxist / socialist / communist / dictatorship / global oversight) There will ultimately be two classes, the governing and the governed.

The more uneducated and undereducated people we have in the country, the greater the pull on the taxpayers. The net effect will lower the discretionary income of the workers to the point they become working poor and also deriving subsistence from the government.

Making the minimum wage a “living wage” also helps to produce the same outcome. Since businesses can only allocate a given percentage to wages and still remain viable, those making what is now considered middle-income will see their potential for meritorious income increases stagnate as the unskilled usurp their abeyant raises.

Intentionally misquoting a pre-presidential speech, “Under my plan, your taxes will necessarily skyrocket”. Logic warrants that taking from those who earn and/or have is mandatory to fund the already increasing dependency class Obama is threatening to explode by using his pen.


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