Obama is a team player. His team, aka cabinet, is good at playing the game, really, really good. His second string, the mainstream media is also a force of reckoning.

Obama isn’t surrounded by yes men. He is the yes man surrounded by decision and policy makers. Anyone who has paid even a bit of attention to the government since 2008 must see that he is not one to make decisions. This man cannot tie his shoes in the morning before consulting with, and deriving a majority opinion from, his cabinet on whether to tie them right over left or left over right this day. Sometimes he wears loafers because he’s not sure if they’re joking with him.

On Osama Bin Ladin…after missing not less than three opportunities over six months, it still took him 16 hours to okay the SEAL operation. Due to the time-lapse, the strike team nearly lost the window again. Perhaps Valerie Jarrett’s phone was on charge and she could not respond any sooner.

On Benghazi…the team took on the truth with the vigor of the Dallas Cowboys offensive line. Susan Rice, at center stage, lied like a five year old with purple smeared across her face and hands claiming she knows nothing about any empty jelly jar. Perhaps the dog did it! Not just once did she do it. She practically made a career out of that one lie. (In all honesty, she undoubtedly cemented her career with it).

Together, the team has kept Eric Holder out of jail for almost six years now. Congress should be held in contempt for not calling for an independent prosecutor after he lied to the Fast and Furious investigative committee. Beyond that, however, the targeting of news agencies and reporters for disclosing the DOJ’s criminal activities has been well covered up by the team and second stringers.

Obamacare…well if you haven’t seen FoxNews in the past two weeks, you are probably unaware of Jonathan Gruber and the duplicitous misdirection he orchestrated to have the government take control of one-sixth of the nation’s economy. For that lack of information, you can thank the second string. This, along with swelling the Welfare rolls, are essential steps in the president’s quest to bankrupt the nation.

They may not be working for the people of America, but you can’t say they’re not working together.

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    Good post, Bob.


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