For quite a while now there has been talk about introducing another Fairness Doctrine to broadcast media. The talk comes primarily from the left. The tolerant, compassionate people hate it when someone voices a fact laden viewpoint that counters their ecstasy based emotional rantings.

Essentially, the concept of fairness would be dictated by the ideals of the FCC Chairman. Political Correctness would mandate the silence of any viewpoint opposing the party in power. It would be impossible to refer to an individual or entity by race, color, creed, financial status, gender, ethnicity, or how many eyes or doorknobs might be involved. It would be another 1984 style, freedom oppressing, central government takeover.

Allowing the government oversight and control of the Internet would not only suppress the American people, it would restrict the information, opinion and analysis allowed to come into or what might be outbound from the United States. We would be even more at the mercy of the government regarding information flow than we are now. A Jonathan Gruber or Susan Rice type would surely become Information Editor-in-Chief at the FCC.

Of course, there would be a fee, rate increase, toll, excise, tariff, levy, duty or obligatory contribution associated with the implementation of Net Neutrality. It would be a tax, but the stupid voters will never understand that.


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