I.C.E. is readying for another surge of perhaps 100,000 foreigners invading our country because of the president’s welcoming ceremony last night.

A thinking person may wonder how they are preparing for this influx. Well, according to the Washington Examiner and others, I.C.E. is preparing a 2,400 bed facility in Dilley, Texas. How many expectant mothers will be housed until they can drop an anchor? Pediatricians will be on staff. The President made no mention about stopping the invaders at the point of entry and keeping them from entering. Instead, the preparation is for once they are already on our soil. Once they are here, we house, feed and doctor them until a background check can be run.

Even then, there is no guarantee that Jose Manuel Rodriguez from Guatemala is in fact Jose. Homeland Insecurity just has to rely that he is telling them the truth. He could actually be Hussein Jahdami Mohammad from Syria. With no I.D., a background check will be run on Jose. No matter who he is, he broke the law (perhaps many laws) to get to this point, now we are expected to accept as truth that he is who he says he is. I think I need Johathan Gruber to explain to me how this is a good thing. I can’t wait until Sunday to see hear the Susan Rice spin.

Perhaps this is the president’s way of employing women. The talk of adding more Border Patrol and I.C.E. agents might mean more women to change diapers and hold classes in prenatal hygiene. Since most of the invaders will speak little, if any English, perhaps other previously accepted illegal entrants and linguistic experts might be hired by the federal government as Spanish, Chinese, Persian, Pashto, Kurdish, Balochi, Russian, French translators. Again, there was no mention of refusing entry or returning illegal entrants immediately to the point of entry, but preparations are being made to house, feed, educate and otherwise take care of them.

We are no longer a proud, sovereign nation. Our borders mean naught. But, I feel safer and better about my country every day that Obama is president…NOT!


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