Talking with a neighbor the other day about Obama’s version of immigration reform (“this is what I want so this is what you get America), I brought up my concern for unemployment in the country. I said that I believed citizens and legal residents would be further harmed by introducing more people into the mix. I stated that the true unemployment figure was already about 37% and not what the administration publishes for the lapdog media to broadcast.

The look on his face was not unexpected. It was disbelief to the Nth degree, as it might be with most people. When he questioned where I got such the number, I told him it is from the BLS. I explained that it is the accurate number when you take into account all the people who have given up looking for work. Many people now find waiting for the government to send a check or make a direct deposit easier and almost as profitable as working. You know, the truth, the kind of information you just don’t get from broadcast news, NPR or PBS.

I can’t see how the president’s recent move will rapidly build the economy and move some of the 37.2% potential workers back to employment. For the skeptics and cool aid drinkers that accept the hogwash put out by the government, please check the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ own charts. Sometimes you just have to look beyond the cloud.

The math is so simple even Gruber’s stupid voters can do it. Subtract the labor participation rate shown (62.8%) from the total number of potential workers (100%) and you arrive at a true unemployment figure of 37.2%. Feel free to use your fingers, if you must. That number is somewhat different from the 5.8% that everyone hears.

Still feeling good about the 5.8% rate after seeing the BLS chart? We have over a third of the country that is sitting idle or participating in robberies, beatings, shootings, uprisings, riots or protests for something to keep them busy. People get angry when they have too much free time and too little money.

How can another few million people possibly do any harm?


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  1. Says:

    I couldn’t have said it better, Bob.


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