Here’s the perfect explanation why Jonathan Gruber called American voters stupid. It’s because, for a majority, the “news” they hear is directed for purpose. The major networks generally follow a very liberal theme and refuse to present anything they find contrary to that agenda.  Sharyl Attkisson lost her job at CBS for her truth in journalism efforts.

It is true that far too many people are aware of what is happening that commands and directs their lives. However, that might be because they are tired of the influenced or non-presentation of news. Benghazi, Fast and Furious and the IRS scandal got little play in the main stream media due to the dim light cast on Democrats. Almost nothing is heard about Harry Reid letting bills promoting employment or securing the border before issuing green cards languish into antiquity because they are presented by Republicans.

Jonathan Gruber is not the only liberal who occasionally speaks the truth when being filmed.


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