Yes, you can say that I am right leaning. I admit I am conservative. I am a fiscal conservative, a social conservative and a political conservative.  I believe our Constitution separates us from third world countries and that is a good thing.

That does not say that I am intolerant of others or the viewpoint of others. It definitely does distinguish me from hateful, dogmatic and vile progressive liberals who know the truth, but cannot explain why or how they arrived at it. Unlike them, I am able to hear or see and evaluate two or more viewpoints before arriving at an opinion. I watch MSNBC, FNC and broadcast news. I read articles and blogs published by right and left leaning authors.

With most liberals I know, the conclusion is inherent and reason or discussion is unnecessary.  They become upset if they hear possible alternatives. That said, it is not at all what I mean by the title of this essay.

I readily recognize that it is not right to disparage or criticize the President of the United States of America. However, I don’t believe that we even have one right now. What we currently have is a puppet commanded by backroom political technicians. He is but a spokesperson for some very scary people. Therefore, what may be politically correct, or even proper, does not apply. If one immediately becomes a racist for not compromising their ethics because a person of color has stolen the most prestigious world stage, then call me a racist.

In fact, if name calling makes you feel better, call me an actoracist because I didn’t agree with everything Ronald Reagan said and did as president. In particular, I feared in 1986 that there was little political will to control our southern border and that we would continue to have illegal aliens (“wetbacks” was the colloquial derogative back then) taking advantage of our country. George H. W. Bush continued the border security farce. Since 1986 the only people interested in protecting our country seem to be the Border Patrol soldiers, the front line agents.  I applaud them.

The country took a particularly bad turn with the elections of 2008. Since that time, up is down, right is wrong. Religion is bad if it’s not Islamic. Segregation is a term that cannot even be applied to public restrooms. If even one individual balks at a tradition, that tradition must be dropped. “We’re going to have to make sacrifices, we’re going to have to change our conversation, we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history and we’re going to have to move to a different place.” Michelle Obama

It didn’t start in 2008, by any means. It was simply enhanced multifold at that time. Governmentally coerced divisiveness is now proper and common. Blacks are pitted against whites simply because of the difference in skin color. Poor people are taught to despise the wealthy and even middle class individuals. Gays are encouraged to sue if a bakery’s owners or employees won’t endorse a unisex wedding. Environmentalists litter acreage with tons of trash while protesting others’ disinterest in the environment. Celebrities spew tons of CO from their private planes getting to and from a rally on how the family automobile melts the ice caps and kills polar bears.

Wrong is right for leftists and if it’s right, it’s wrong.


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