Under the absolutely ugly lie disguised as compassion, we are cycling back 150-200 years heretofore.

Yes, I understand and accept that people from around the world want to come here for a better life. I sympathize with them and welcome their lawful arrival. However, the way we are blindly accepting hoards of people seeking the American dream is destroying that dream, for both us and them. The dream is becoming a nightmare due to a lack of screening and diligence. We are becoming the country so many are trying to escape.

The greatest majority of illegal entrants are primarily hard-working, family oriented and honest people who are truly trying to better their own lives. I get that. But most often they are poor and uneducated, providing a whole new perspective on slavery. While these people are not owned, traded or sold by private individuals or property owners as in the past, they are psychologically and economically enslaved by the 21st century planter – the U.S. federal government.

Once on this side of our make-believe border (it’s like an Obama “red line”), they become wards of the power elite. They are bussed or flown to their new plantation. Many such estates exist throughout the country. Upon arrival, the new servants are welcomed by under-masters in charge of labor at motels, restaurant kitchens, chicken ranches, orchards, lettuce and broccoli farms. Some under-masters even lord over tobacco farms and cotton fields. Many are not cordial to their new charges and treat them with contempt. The slaves are encouraged to speak their native languages and are dissuaded from interacting with workers of different ethnicities, social or economic strata.

They are trained by the public system on how to think, vote and why they should be grateful to their new masters for allowing them to stay. They are given identity tracking and electronic stipend cards to supplement their menial wages. They are provided medical care, child care, housing and transportation assistance to keep them happy, healthy and productive.

Because they are provided minimum but highly influenced public education, (pseudonym for social indoctrination), they accept that their subsidies come from the political elites…the new planters, not the free people. The bestowed tutelage is designed and developed to help them recognize their life station, indebtedness and allegiance to the planters.

Either we shall be a great country with laws and opportunities for all or we shall fall like the civilizations of yesteryear. We need architects, engineers and entrepreneurs right now…not more hoe and shovel wielders.  We need leaders, not activists and law defiers clamoring for more indulgence and entitlements.

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    Bravo, Bob.


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