Here’s a typical action, response, rejoinder by government.

In spite of having abundant Border Patrol agents on Homeland Security’s payroll, many are intentionally assigned to duty too far from the border to effectively curtail movement of those illegally in the United States. A large number, closer to points of entry, are now on duty changing diapers, housing, clothing, feeding and generally overseeing detainees who should be given some water and charged for the bus ride back home.

Once an illegal entrant is apprehended, in most cases, law enforcement officers and agents are now only able to obtain available (often verbal) identification of the individual challenged and issue a citation with a court date (not unlike when you receive a ticket for a misdemeanor traffic violation).

According to “The Hill” 12-15-14, Jeh Johnson is bemoaning the money allowed by Congress for his agency to continue doing less while he tells subordinate agents to disobey their lawful oath. Bear in mind, there has not been a budget passed since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2007. The federal government has been funded primarily under Continuing Resolutions.

Look for the same pissy and impertinent response from Jeh Johnson that President Obama took when ordering the closure of national parks including the World War II memorial.  He did that in defiance of the sequestration that he, Pelosi and Reid proffered in order to coerce enough votes to pass a previous CR.

In the spring of 2011, President Obama let it be known by his words and actions that the likelihood of deportation was severely diminished. The surge of illegal entrants began shortly thereafter encumbering security forces along the nation’s southern border. The crescendo continues due to administratively mandated law enforcement stand-down.

In response to the additional crossings, ICE and Border Patrol agents are restricted from taking the actions to which they swore lawful adherence upon their hire.  They are not allowed to screen entrants to identify if they are foreign agents here to do harm to U.S. citizens. That screening comes after, and only if, the illegal immigrant chooses to stop by for his or her court date.

Remember, sequestration didn’t affect Michelle’s $100 million +/- trip to Africa. Sequestration hasn’t hampered any presidential R&R to the Vinyard or Hawaii. Sequestration did not curtail any golf games or multi-million dollar Air Force One jaunts to fundraisers. Sequestration did illuminate Obama’s disdain for U.S. military troops and veterans and the security they provide.

To paraphrase an old saying, Like marionette, like Secretary.

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  1. jkiraly@cox.net Says:

    Succinctly stated, Bob.


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