Let us all bow our heads in shame on behalf of Congress. The IRS will be short of money to carry out their nefarious acts.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is threatening a shutdown because Congress “cut” their budget by $346 million. His answer to the fictitious budget cut is to furlough employees. First, there is no budget to cut. This is just a reduction in the additional money they requested. They’re still getting more money, just not as much as they wanted.

As I wrote a couple of days ago in “JUST TYPICAL”, there is no budget. If government agencies would just submit a budget for approval, then follow the spending plan outlined in such budget, there would be plenty of money. If they spent the money wisely, there might even be some left over at the end of the CR term. There would be no deficit and the debt could be reduced rather than continuously increasing.

What I don’t understand is where the IRS may be saving money by furloughing employees. The employees still get paid for doing about the same thing as normal – little to nothing.  Additionally, they will save gasoline by having the opportunity to do it at home. They may have to wait until Boehner gives in to get all the back pay, but government employees never lose pay!!!  In fact, there is a pay raise outlined in the request.

If the IRS, and every government agency, would not waste the money they get, there would be more than enough to carry them through meager times. Example: Over the past five years, the IRS has spent valuable time and money harassing conservative groups applying for non-profit status. They have sent hundreds of millions of dollars in tax refunds to people in foreign countries who never paid into the system, some of whom have never even stepped foot in the United States.  They have spent money on lavish and unnecessary retreats, producing videos and promoting the fraud that is Obamacare and paid out ridiculous bonuses to top officials responsible for the unchecked and unwarranted overspending.

To those of you who say, “Yeah, but a couple million dollars is a drop in the bucket”, I say wait a minute and think it through. There are over 500 government agencies and departments, each with spending authority in multiple millions of dollars. If each entity overspends what is necessary by an average of only $3 million per year, that is over $1.5 TRILLION wasted every year. Bonuses for overpaid department heads and administrators for doing a mediocre job might be an easy place to start cutting. Perhaps then we would see some accountability.

It’s a simple matter of budgeting and allocating the appropriated money appropriately.

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    Bravo! Great post Bob.


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