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January 30, 2015

The Obama administration is now allowing Mexican consulates in the United States to issue birth certificates to Mexican nationals living here illegally. Just walk up to your local consulate and have a birth certificate printed with whatever information you state. Want to be Jose today? Fine! If Jose gets in trouble, you can always become Jesus or Manuel. Just go to a different consulate and give new information to the typist.

Why is this being done, you may ask. Is it to express good will between the countries?  No. It is being done to buttress the Obama amnesty program. It is being done to allow more people access to your tax dollar give-aways. It is being done so that more people can have all the benefits of U.S. citizens.  It is being done for global wealth redistribution.  It is being done to make your savings account worthless. It is being done in the name of fundamental transformation. And, it is being done to destroy all that America stands for and has offered the world for the past 227 years since the U.S. Constitution was ratified.

You might hear from the mainstream media that it is a good thing and that it will allow more law breakers newcomers access to employment. They present it as if there is too much work and not enough workers and that illiterate (in both English and Spanish) laborers drawing minimum wage, EIC and Welfare will actually help the economy grow.

What is difficult to find in any of the MSM pro-Obama articles are the facts. Here are just a couple. According to Judicial Watch, the majority of households across the country benefitting from publicly-funded welfare programs are headed by immigrants, both legal and illegal. Buried deep in an article by, can be found the statement “Mexican migrant workers, many who live in the United States, sent home $21.6 billion to their families in 2013, according to the country’s central bank”.

So I just have to ask, “What country’s economy is being helped by the new policies”? and “Who will continue to loan us money to finance the world economies”? 

Just wait until the consulates for Honduras, Guatamala, El Salvador, Cuba, China, Russia, Syria and Iran begin issuing birth certificates for people claiming to be their former citizens.



January 28, 2015

In today’s politically correct world, it is becoming more and more difficult to say, write, draw, do, view, point out, point to, film, drive, eat, drink, breathe, dress, package, act or simply exist without offending someone. Political correctness is now a license to grouse, gripe, carp, grumble, whine, cry, fuss, crab, piss and moan or sue about anything of your choice.

Frankly, it’s just about time for a massive pendulum swing. Political correctness has made wimps of our kids to the point that they commit suicide if they are teased, admonished or corrected. It has gotten to the point that a less than stellar grade sends them to the psychiatrist who prescribes a, or some, psychoactive pharmaceutical(s). When the other children verbally acknowledge the new robotic demeanor, it can be more devastating than before the medication. Not taking the medication after the body and mind have acclimated to it can be even more damaging. In fact, it can be downright deadly.

Vegans want all meat products removed from their view. It makes them sick to see dead flesh. Dry alcoholics demand beer, wine and liquor be removed from restaurant menus. If a person voices a belief that marriage is the union of a natural man and a natural woman, they might be called names, shot, stabbed or set on fire for being intolerant. Drawing a picture of a gun can set anti-gun zealots into a frenzy causing a child to be stigmatized for life. (But he or she can then get some strong anti-depressants to help him or her cope.)

Pork and pork products are now being removed from fast food menus to keep from offending Muslims. Muslim store clerks now refuse to even scan any pork, ham or bacon products for payment. Yet, they are paid the same as a person who does the whole job. People who have crossed into the country without permission, defiant of our immigration laws, protest vehemently and sometimes violently when referred to as illegal aliens. Once here, they demand a full array of taxpayer paid benefits and services.

Apparently, referring to radical Islamic extremists as a radical Islamist extremists is unacceptable to radical Islamic extremists and will cause them to commit violent acts while screaming “allahu akbar”.

The days of “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me” are gone. The replacement saying might be something to the effect of, “Call me a name and I’ll cry and sue you because society has made me too weak and fragile to cope with every day life”.

Apparently, now, to keep from offending anyone we must sit down, shut up, fold our hands and always smile but never smirk. We cannot voice an opinion or express a thought. To avoid offending, we must be androids; Stepford automatons that can be teased, belittled, worked and taxed to death by the deviant but compassionate and tolerant liberals and other fanatics who accept only what they create or know inherently. But that bothers me.  I think I’ll go take a pill and settle down so I don’t offend anyone.


January 26, 2015

A couple of days ago, I read an article about the incarceration of First Lieutenant Clint Lorance. That article illustrates just how insane the new rules of engagement have become. However, it is not the first time I have heard of such nonsense. Since President Obama took office, the military and Pentagon have been purged of the most knowlegeable, capable, seasoned and dedicated commanders and ranking enlisted. He has replaced them with goat humpers and Muslim loving socialists.

The troops recognize this and morale among them is at an all time low. They have little to no respect for their Commander-In-Chief. They fear disciplinary action for any bold move, be it offensive or defensive. They question every pull of the trigger, fearing that any direct contact could be career ending with extended incarceration. It causes our fighting forces to hesitate. That instantaneous delay is why there have been proportionately far more more deaths and injuries since Al Queda was decimated than prior.

The current rules of engagement do little more than make our ground troops targets and it infuriates me, as it should you. In order to keep collateral damage to a minimum, these brave men and women must almost wait until someone in the squad is hit in order to return fire and take out the bad guys.

Having lived almost within mortar range of Camp Pendleton, I have had the opportunity to speak with numerous Marines who have spent multiple tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and some with time in neighboring countries. Some have also served in Africa. Every one, I mean every single one of them has a story about the rules of engagement, how restrictive they are and how dangerous they can be. As a combat veteran, I thought the first one or two I heard were simply gilded war stories. I quickly learned that was not the case.

Here are just a few scenarios that allowed the enemy the upper hand. I have to paraphrase because I did not record the conversations. But, I relate them as accurately as I recall them. Language has been intentionally scrubbed for this post.

1. We saw two men digging a hole along side the road. The Lt. requested permission to engage and was told to stand down until we were sure they were planting an IED. Because of the possibility that there were civilians in the area who might be injured, permission to engage was denied.

We watched from our position about 100 meters out as they laid a package on the ground, unfolded what looked to be a U.S. issue entrenching tool and began to dig. One of the two watched for traffic while the other did the digging. Once complete, they placed the package into the hole and covered it. Each step was relayed to command. We were told to stand down.

Once they left the area, we approached the site. In spite of the fact that we’d had eyes on them all the time, when we arrived it was difficult to see where the IED was buried. We hunkered down about 20 meters from where we believed it had been buried and Gunny authorized Timmons to grenade the site. His second grenade blew a charge that would have taken out a Humvee and perhaps as many as three in convoy. We had lost visual on the two hadjis and were denied permission to pursue.

2. A young Marine, awaiting his fourth deployment to the East, said that if a rag head was walking down the road carrying a rocket launcher, they could not fire on him unless he intentionally trained the weapon on them. By then it might be too late.  This is where death and dismemberment needlessly occurs.

3. At another time, one of our heroes told of calling for support as he and his men were being surrounded by about twenty enemy combatants.  They were told by their command that, due to the proximity of a village (over a kilometer), air or arty support would not be available; civilians could be injured.  They were granted permission to engage if they took fire, though.  He also shared with me that they disregarded the order and eliminated the threat.

If these ridiculous rules of engagement don’t indicate treasonous behavior on behalf of the administration, what does?


January 21, 2015

“To every Republican, I will not only seek out your ideas, I will VETO them!”  Yeah, that’s basically what he said.

President Obama, on four occasions, said he would veto any bill that attempts to defeat his country-crippling programs or reduce his potential for fiscal mismanagement by responsibly reducing the deficit.

Again, the president stood in front of the Teleprompters that could have carried the words identifying our enemies.  Again, he failed to say the words Islamic terrorists, Muslim extremists, Islamic jihadists, radical Islamic murderers or anything that might forcefully pinpoint a linkage to those attempting to establish a world-wide Muslim caliphate without regard for human life.

The president stated that he wants to make junior college free to everybody who earns the opportunity, works hard and gets good grades. He also said that we have the highest percentage of high school graduates.

What he didn’t say is that graduation standards have been lowered to make the students feel wonderful about their accomplishment. He also failed to say that of those high school graduates entering Jr. college, a greater percentage of them now have to take remedial classes. In other words, he wants to make Jr. college nothing more than an extension to the failures of high school.

It is once again, throw more money at a problem, not to make changes to the problem but to prolong it and make it more costly.

If you pay nothing for education, it has no value and it will be treated commensurate with its perceived value.

To continue with some contradictions, he expects to have more people employed by forcing employers to grant 7 paid sick days per year, maternity leave, vacation and personal time while working a full-time schedule of 30 hours/week (34.6 hours is now the national average). He once again suggested raising the minimum wage for the most basic tasks.  Taking away some of their profit potential for small and medium businesses will certainly help them grow.  Raising their taxes is another way.

As expected, he said that unemployment is down.  However, he neglected to say that a greater percentage of the workforce is sitting idle, drawing Welfare because they have been dropped from the fictitious unemployment figures.

Fact check, which will be available later today, will show more contradictions between his words and his actions.

UPDATE      FactChecking Obama’s State of the Union


January 20, 2015

As early as 2007, his campaign speeches promised fundamental change.  The gullible masses accepted, without thought or question, that it would be positive change.  They agreed that it was time to give a man of color a place in history, a place of honor and respect.

Due, in large, to his charisma and oratorical ability the inattentive and thus low information proletariat were mesmerized into voting for that fundamental change.  They didn’t bother to question what fundamental change meant or why it was necessary.  We have, over the past six years, found out the exact meaning of that one single word.  Perhaps they still don’t get it, but their aware and thinking counterparts do.

Take a quick look at just what it did mean.  It meant that despite an ever-growing number of eligible workers, fewer of them are working.  Only 62.7% (down 3.6% from January, 2008) of them are currently employed and 37.3% are now idle entitlement recipients.  It also meant a widening separation between the incomes of the most wealthy and the most poor with little room remaining for a rapidly diminishing middle-class.  That middle-class is headed into poverty and will join others on government hand-outs.  It meant identifying separate groups of people and banding them against one another.  These are some of the fundamentals of Marxism at work.

Additionally, it meant that the Constitution; the personal and state’s rights, the checks and balances of a tri-lateral government and, especially, the restrictions it places on the Executive branch would be cast aside.  The fundamental changes about which he spoke lead only to an imperial government.  This is exactly what the founding fathers tried to avoid.


At 60 days into his first term of office, I expressed my opinion of what I thought was coming.  I think I did a pretty good job.  I doubt that Nostradamus could have predicted all of it.

Tonight, I’m sure, we’ll hear more me, me, I, I B.S.  He will take credit for things he fought against that turned out well for the American people.  He will blame others for what he did wrong.  He will tell us that, in spite of an ever-growing national debt, we need to spend more.  And, he’s going to propose taking more money from the productive few who are working hard to keep the country afloat in defiance of his Marxist policies.