There are ways for government to benefit the citizens.  The U.S. Constitution delineates those ways.  There are also ways to build a government that controls the citizens.  Governing via the teachings of Karl Marx is one such way.

We, of the current retiree generation, had the opportunity to see government work in ways that provided conditions rewarding education, hard work and personal responsibility. We are now seeing the very opposite. We, as everybody should, are seeing a government that remarkably defeats those conditions.

The continuing under-education of our children and grand children is evident when the large picture is viewed. Where the United States was once touted as being #3 across the three important academic categories of Math, Science and Reading, and striving to become #1 in all three, today’s picture is quite different. Math/Science/Reading These charts show our current rankings. Math/Science/Reading 2010 shows the standings as of 2009. There was a brief comeback in 2009 and the U.S. was rated #19. We now rank #26 across the three academic disciplines and the downward spiral continues.

The growing government involvement in education over the past 5 decades indicates enlightenment through public education is not promising for future generations. Today’s and future students will know all about how man has changed the environment, but won’t know how to remedy the change. They will know how to put a condom on a cucumber and where to go for an abortion at 11 years old if the condom fails in real life. They won’t, however, be able to count back the correct change if the power goes out at your local fast food restaurant.

Hard work – forget about it. Those born in the 1980s and later are taught that success is axiomatic with attempt. If you say you tried, you get a good grade in school, pass the class and advance. Translating that ethic to the workplace is not possible and many choose to take unemployment insurance, Welfare, WIC, SNAP and EBT payments as entitlement for trying.  The government encourages it.

With the collapse of the aerospace program in the mid-1970s, laid-off, highly educated engineers took jobs in retail and fast food industries to support their families and pay the bills until jobs in their professions again became available. Some even became “trash men”.  Any job was worth working. Welfare was a last resort. Pride and ethic caused them to continue striving.

A strong central government with tyrannical leaders is not the right direction for the longevity of this nation or our people. We need to re-read the Constitution, reading it for its intended content and meaning, not for how it can be interpolated to fit a Marxist/socialist agenda. Let us once again allow individuals and states the responsibility for achieving self respect, self improvement and economic betterment and return the government to governing.

I wish you a great new year and hope more informed and reasoned voting is possible in the coming elections.

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    Super article, Bob.



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