Of late, we have heard much about aggressive police over-reach.  Isn’t this exactly what the Marxists in our central government want?  It sure seems to be. Power-wielding by the IRS, DOJ, HHS, DHS, NSA, CIA and other bureaucracies has trickled down to the local level and they are ecstatic.  Look for the propagation of more envenomed discord in the near future that will continue throughout this presidency and perhaps beyond.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles developed the intellectual tenets of what is now known as Marxism.  Those tenets encompassed the existential areas of sociological, economic, philosophical theory that could be coerced and altered through vigorous revolution.  According to Marxist theory, the only workable society is a classless society.

One of the first steps toward a classless society is to create chaos in the current system.  Chaos or disruption identifies ineffectiveness.  If none exists, turmoil must be manufactured.  A situation repeatedly expounded on until it becomes a crisis then requires intervention.  Remember Rahm Emanual’s “Gruber” moment when he said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste”?  This is how to effect change where none is required.

Once shown as inefficient, the need for change to a new and better, more harmonic, system becomes obvious.  Socialism, by any name, is the choice presented.

A classless society where everybody produces equally to the benefit of all is Utopian.  Theoretically, it is the ideal society.  Practically, it is impossible.  As with most academic theory, the impractical aspects are overlooked.  If recognized, they are ignored.  First, there can be no classless society because there would be nothing but constant discord, “I want to wash, you dry”.  No, I want to wash”.  There must be leaders, decision makers, structure.  Immediately there are a minimum of two clusters, not one harmonious population.  There are leaders and others.

The very dwelling on the 1% v. the 99% is but one way to inseminate critical unrest.  The Occupy Wall Street movement received undue acclaim.  Random actions involving guns cause the unaware and unthinking to clamor for confiscation or control of private defensive firearms.  Continued media coverage of the current “Black Lives Matter” protests against police now posits the protesters desire to bring about change.  Introducing radical social and economic policies then chastising legislators for not endorsing them creates a divisiveness within government that requires the action of a singular pen.  That action creates further animosity.

Yet, the change these groups ignorantly and sheepishly claim to want, categorically leads to an even more oppressive central government, less autonomy and greater individual dependence, elimination of a middle-class and continued wealth reduction for the very poor.  It can only bring about an eventual form of global slavery.  The masters will again live high in the hills throwing their garbage upon the peasants below.

Who’s driving the ever-changing but ongoing protest movements in the United States?  Why, it is once again the same Marxist/Socialist/Communist celebrities…Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder and a growing clique of confused and easily guided community organizers learned in the principles of Cloward and Piven, Alinsky, Marx, Stalin and other self-designated elite seers.

I pray for future generations.


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