While the administration is lauding 252,000 additional  jobs in the last month of 2014, in actuality the labor participation rate fell again.  In Nov. 2014, 62.9% of all eligible workers were employed.  In Dec. 2014 only 62.7% were employed.  http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS11300000

The published  “unemployment” figures don’t account for those former workers who have consumed their unemployment compensation benefits or those who have been out of work for so long they are discouraged from seeking gainful employment. So, even though some 252,000 people were hired, more potential workers were dropped from the data roles publicized by the government for consideration by the broadcast news nodding masses  http://apnews.myway.com/article/20150109/us–economy-8ac1593494.html

Additionally, the average wage dropped by $.05 per hour.  So, those still working or joining the workforce are making less money.  Potential for a pay raise or advancement now comes only with attrition, not merit.

The good news, if there can be any declared, might be the average number of hours worked by “full-time” employees remained a stable 34.6 hours.  That has not dropped.  However, with more illegal immigrants vying for the few available entry level positions, that too, could change in due time.  Anyone entering the workforce or workers with minimum skills can look forward to a harder time earning even a subsistence living.

Completion of the Keystone XL pipeline would create hundreds of manual labor and semi-skilled jobs with an estimated average wage in excess of $35/hour, labor positions in the $25+/hour range.  This would be a tremendous boon to many families.  The President has guaranteed his veto.


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