“To every Republican, I will not only seek out your ideas, I will VETO them!”  Yeah, that’s basically what he said.

President Obama, on four occasions, said he would veto any bill that attempts to defeat his country-crippling programs or reduce his potential for fiscal mismanagement by responsibly reducing the deficit.

Again, the president stood in front of the Teleprompters that could have carried the words identifying our enemies.  Again, he failed to say the words Islamic terrorists, Muslim extremists, Islamic jihadists, radical Islamic murderers or anything that might forcefully pinpoint a linkage to those attempting to establish a world-wide Muslim caliphate without regard for human life.

The president stated that he wants to make junior college free to everybody who earns the opportunity, works hard and gets good grades. He also said that we have the highest percentage of high school graduates.

What he didn’t say is that graduation standards have been lowered to make the students feel wonderful about their accomplishment. He also failed to say that of those high school graduates entering Jr. college, a greater percentage of them now have to take remedial classes. In other words, he wants to make Jr. college nothing more than an extension to the failures of high school.

It is once again, throw more money at a problem, not to make changes to the problem but to prolong it and make it more costly.

If you pay nothing for education, it has no value and it will be treated commensurate with its perceived value.

To continue with some contradictions, he expects to have more people employed by forcing employers to grant 7 paid sick days per year, maternity leave, vacation and personal time while working a full-time schedule of 30 hours/week (34.6 hours is now the national average). He once again suggested raising the minimum wage for the most basic tasks.  Taking away some of their profit potential for small and medium businesses will certainly help them grow.  Raising their taxes is another way.

As expected, he said that unemployment is down.  However, he neglected to say that a greater percentage of the workforce is sitting idle, drawing Welfare because they have been dropped from the fictitious unemployment figures.

Fact check, which will be available later today, will show more contradictions between his words and his actions.

UPDATE      FactChecking Obama’s State of the Union

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