In today’s politically correct world, it is becoming more and more difficult to say, write, draw, do, view, point out, point to, film, drive, eat, drink, breathe, dress, package, act or simply exist without offending someone. Political correctness is now a license to grouse, gripe, carp, grumble, whine, cry, fuss, crab, piss and moan or sue about anything of your choice.

Frankly, it’s just about time for a massive pendulum swing. Political correctness has made wimps of our kids to the point that they commit suicide if they are teased, admonished or corrected. It has gotten to the point that a less than stellar grade sends them to the psychiatrist who prescribes a, or some, psychoactive pharmaceutical(s). When the other children verbally acknowledge the new robotic demeanor, it can be more devastating than before the medication. Not taking the medication after the body and mind have acclimated to it can be even more damaging. In fact, it can be downright deadly.

Vegans want all meat products removed from their view. It makes them sick to see dead flesh. Dry alcoholics demand beer, wine and liquor be removed from restaurant menus. If a person voices a belief that marriage is the union of a natural man and a natural woman, they might be called names, shot, stabbed or set on fire for being intolerant. Drawing a picture of a gun can set anti-gun zealots into a frenzy causing a child to be stigmatized for life. (But he or she can then get some strong anti-depressants to help him or her cope.)

Pork and pork products are now being removed from fast food menus to keep from offending Muslims. Muslim store clerks now refuse to even scan any pork, ham or bacon products for payment. Yet, they are paid the same as a person who does the whole job. People who have crossed into the country without permission, defiant of our immigration laws, protest vehemently and sometimes violently when referred to as illegal aliens. Once here, they demand a full array of taxpayer paid benefits and services.

Apparently, referring to radical Islamic extremists as a radical Islamist extremists is unacceptable to radical Islamic extremists and will cause them to commit violent acts while screaming “allahu akbar”.

The days of “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me” are gone. The replacement saying might be something to the effect of, “Call me a name and I’ll cry and sue you because society has made me too weak and fragile to cope with every day life”.

Apparently, now, to keep from offending anyone we must sit down, shut up, fold our hands and always smile but never smirk. We cannot voice an opinion or express a thought. To avoid offending, we must be androids; Stepford automatons that can be teased, belittled, worked and taxed to death by the deviant but compassionate and tolerant liberals and other fanatics who accept only what they create or know inherently. But that bothers me.  I think I’ll go take a pill and settle down so I don’t offend anyone.


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