Forget about convention.  Think not of the tyranny that exists in our present administration for a moment.  Let’s think outside of the box to accomplish what is necessary.

Obama wants to close Gitmo because, in his warped mind, keeping it open and incarcerating the most dangerous and deadly psychopathic murders incites other seventh century minded jihadists to kill more innocents.  He also believes it aids their recruitment.

In Obamaworld, everything has a short life expectancy. No matter what crazy things he says, the words are gone from the media within hours. Even when he abbreviated a press conference to keep his tee time after American journalist, James Foley, was beheaded by ISIS, little notice is given within a week.

So, why don’t we do the right thing, a two birds with one stone thing. Execute everyone remaining in Guantanamo Bay recreational facility detention camp.  They are known to be the worst of the worst.  Then close the camp. This would eliminate the worry about violent radical Muslim jihadists returning to the battlefields and satisfy Obama’s “close Gitmo” ego trip.

ISIS recruitment might soar briefly, but then the story and cause would be lost. We can then go about eliminating the barbarians as Obama proudly prances around D.C., head held high, singing “I clo-osed Gitmo, I clo-osed Gitmo, Nya na na na na”.


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