The indicators are all around. They’re now coming into the open. Our government is poking and prodding for an uprising. Every step this administration takes is contrary to what is right and proper. Each move is provocative. They want anarchy. They want the people to revolt. It is the way most Marxist, fascist, socialist, communist, dictators take complete control…cause unrest, wait for the revolution and overwhelm the masses with extreme force.

Recent provocations include allowing illegal aliens to assault our borders, schools and social welfare benefits offices with complete impunity including exemption from deportation, detention or even delay. In some cases, the invaders are even transported to their ultimate destination at the expense of U.S. citizens. The redistribution of American tax dollars to these foreigners, simply for their asking, has many former advocates questioning the legitimacy of the overreaching socialist policies now mandated upon us.

The Robin Hood incantation, “take from the rich and give to the poor”, no longer applies. It is now policy to take from anyone who has some to give to those who want, whether or not there is a need. Meanwhile the government appropriates almost sixty-four cents of every dollar transacted.

Obama claims that his policies are all about the middle-class. In fact, they are. They are all about eliminating the middle-class. This is one area in which he excels.

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood (aka: parent group to ISIS via Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram and many others) are now presidential advisors and cabinet members. The President has also opened key positions in the Pentagon, DHS, NSA, CIA, FBI and other agencies to jihadi protagonists who consider Americans worthy only of beheading practice. This does not instill the confidence of national or personal security.

Look forward to an “American Spring”, an uprising against tyranny. The government has already stockpiled hundreds of millions of rounds of JHP ammunition and distributed full automatic weapons to virtually every agency of the government. The IRS, USPS, USDA, CDC, BLM, DOL and every alpahabet agency under their jurisdiction is now armed. Even Game Wardens have former military weapons such as M-16s loaded with JHP ammunition.  In some cases armor piercing rounds, grenades and MRAP vehicles are ready for immediate use. Not only are they all heavily armed, many of the personnel are even semi-trained in the proper use of the weapons at hand. Remember, Obama clearly stated the need for a “civilian national security force, that’s just as powerful, just as strong and just as well funded as our military”.

Since that statement, he has decimated our military. The Border Patrol is now passing one rifle between up to four agents. However, your postman may be carrying! ICE, under orders from Jeh Johnson released, and continues to release, known criminals from prison allowing them access to the American population and social welfare benefits.

The President’s armed civilian force of America hating progressive minions now controls the budget that could be used against our enemies, foreign and domestic. Instead, the patriots wishing to preserve our country receive SNAP and EBT subsidies to supplement their meager income. Secretary Johnson is crying for more money and threatening to virtually shut down the agency. From what I see, he already has.

While there are no plans to annihilate ISIS, there are plans to settle a government initiated and fomented uprising. It’s called “Fundamental Change” to a once peaceful and prosperous country.


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