The liberal controllers and watchdogs are adamant against bulling when it comes to their own kind. Yet, it’s the way liberals govern. It’s how they get their way every time. “If you won’t fund the unconstitutional and prosecutable acts of the President, we’ll shut down DHS.” What would we do without DHS? There are only 40 other buraucracies that overlap and duplicate the duties of DHS.

“If you won’t cater my gay wedding, I’ll sue and bankrupt your restaurant and your family.” “If you don’t let me have my way, I’ll post nude pictures that I took of you through your bedroom window on Facebook.” “If you cut down a tree to build a house here, we’ll burn down your house and the forest.”

That’s the way of almost all compassionate, loving, caring, tolerant liberals. Now they’re claiming a need for affirmative action and special dispensations because they are the congressional minority.

And Republicans in congress don’t have the will, want or backbone to stand up to the bullies. The President threatens to veto any ligislation initiated by conservatives, so they don’t present any legislation. Jeh Johnson threatens to furlough employees and effectively shut down DHS, and they fund the amnesty program. John Koskinen claimed that tax refunds for the military, poor and elderly would be delayed indefinitely if he didn’t get enough funding to bounty himself and his henchmen.

Congressional Republicans offer all the fight that Obama offers against radical Muslim extremists…LITTLE TO NONE. There is talk, but only talk about push back against his executive directed socialist policies. When they proffer something, the bullies threaten to retaliate and kowtow happens again.

Obama overrides court ordered injunctions by having agency heads issue regulations that effect the same result as his initial order. Nothing is done. He threatens disciplinary action for anyone who disobeys his unlawful edicts. Congressional Republicans cower, leaving agents to comply for fear of lost income or promotion status.

In Obama’s world, you’re either 100% with the White House or you’re an enemy that must be decimated. If you’re not on board, you’re a racist and Eric Holder will find a reason to tie you up and put you down.

Each day it is easier for even a blind man to see that we are trending beyond Marxism straight into tyranny. The only predictable outcome, at this point, is the continued fundamental change to the Socialist States of America. We already have a dictatorial President with his Secretaries unchecked by either congress or the Supreme Court. When either body does rule against him and his seditious inner junta, he simply side steps the control measure and marches on.

Where’s Allen West when we need him?

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    Will America and Americans wake up in time?


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