The United States is in transition. The world is in transition. The change will do well for the elite, but it is not good for the majority of citizens of the U.S. or the globe. We have come a long way from feudal times, but we are reverting, in many ways, back to them. Modern technology, along with political correctness are only updating feudalism with a heavy overlay of socialism and tyranny.

Common Core is supposed to bring every student within certain academic parameters. The bar is low so that more students can pass the standardized tests. Currently, over 50% of the applicants to junior colleges must take remedial classes for the first and sometimes two semester(s). That just brings them  to a point where they stand a chance of passing most of their college level classes.  Academic benchmarks for J.C.s have been lowered substantially over the past 20-25 years. The requirements had to be mellowed due to the failures of primary and secondary schools to adequately educate the kids.

Recent studies indicate that 7th graders now read at what was once 3rd grade level. High school graduates read at 7th grade level. Lowering expectations cannot help.

I can only agree 100% with the article by David L. Goetsch, “Are Americans Becoming Too Soft to Defend Our Country”. The essay describes the physical, moral, emotional and mental conditions of those wanting to enlist in our military. Again, just as they are academically inept, many cannot qualify to enter boot camp without some pre-training in discipline, coordination and musculature.

From the article: According to an Army Reserve Spokesman, “Seven out of 10 applicants fail to meet Army Reserve standards for mental, moral or physical reasons”. Those are the youth of today who believe themselves capable of the physical, mental criteria of a highly disciplined lifestyle.

They are the same people who cannot hold down even a menial job. They have been trained to watch their paycheck stub to claim they are sick as soon as they have accumulated enough hours. They are “entitled” to it. These are the ones who must have pictures on the monitor in order to charge the correct amount for a bacon cheese burger or fish fillet sandwich. Making change is a separate challenge.

Given the above, it is easy to see how a charismatic man with no skills, accomplishments or talents other than oratory ability could be elected President of the United States of America…twice. There is little education, training or attention given to the political world in which we live.  Today’s youth are complacent, self-centered and uninformed.  Under the current leadership, we are ignorantly headed for a world our soldiers once fought against.

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