News outlets, other than the Obama propaganda machine and leg tingling cheerleaders, are now reporting that ICE cannot identify the whereabouts of tens of thousands of illegal aliens. ICE admits some, if not many, have committed violent crimes and felonies while on U.S. soil, but they are supposedly under an Intensive Supervision Appearance Program. Some of the offenders have already spent time in our penal system only to be released early under orders from Eric Holder’s DOJ to continue their crime sprees.  (Read the last sentence as you like.)

I must say that I believe it is all by design. There simply cannot be such complete incompetetence throughout all departments and agencies in any organization, small or large. Either everyone within the administration has been ingesting hallucinogens, or they are hand-picked to forge the fundamental changes. Thus, I choose to believe the plan is in place to shift all blame by looking incompetent. And an excellent job they are doing of it.

Virtually every Admiral, General and agency head with a mind for patriotism and professionalism has now been replaced by androids controlled by the master puppeteer. Even the President’s face often shows disbelief of the words he reads from the Teleprompter. The White House Press Secretary strains to find words to protect the cabal and, with few exceptions, the Washington press corps compliantly accepts the stumbling explanations.

We have seen it with the BATFE and the gun walking Fast and Furious program. It showed up again with the State Department in Benghazi.   But “What difference, at this point, does it make?” Obamacare is a prime example. Since it became law, there have been more executive mandated changes and exceptions than there ever were voters in favor of the act. The administration is still dancing around trying to make the bush-league income redistribution program look as if it has some health care benefit attached.

Of course, the VA has been a problem for many vets for many years. It has just gotten worse due to the current administration’s lack of respect for our troops. Some say the IRS is out of control for its targeting of the President’s political opponents. Sorry folks, this is too obvious to be a mistake. The IRS is well controlled. The USDA has a 6,000 page dossier on cow flatulance and the effect on global warming, while ICE mistakenly releases undocumented child rapists and murders from federal custody. DHS cannot track illegal aliens outfitted with GPS transmitters, but the Justice Department spends time and resources on bogus local civil issues like Ferguson.

This isn’t incompetence, folks. It’s the fundamental change that was promised! Obama has changed the way things are done in Washington, just as he said he would.


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