Using the scare tactic that if DHS was not fully funded, Sec. Jeh Johnson said he would have to furlough thousands of employees. America would be at the mercy of terrorists. Congress, a Republican majority I might add, caved to the amnesty funding. That process is now over. The government is fully funded and allowed to run amok for another year.

As the votes were being bought voting progressed, Tony Lee was completing an article for Breitbart News.  The linked article explains that USCIS, a sub-division of DHS, was able to process 7 million applications for amnesty in 2014. The applications were “adjudicated” though no personal interviews were conducted. And, if you act now, uncle Ernie can also enter into the promised land, sight unseen!  Without face-to-face interviews, there is truly no telling how many gang members, terrorists, felons or cartel members are now allowed to freely roam the streets of your city collecting benefits you provide but cannot access.

Yes, maybe congress was truly concerned for the safety of the citizens. I doubt that is true, but let’s give them the benefit of that doubt. The concern was generated from lies and deceit. It’s the Marxist way.  There was never any worry about Border Patrol or ICE agents being furloughed. There should have been no more apprehension about being flooded by self-serving ingrates with no respect for the laws this country shared up until 2009 than there was last year, or the year before that.

Secretary Johnson could simply have laid off the clerks who accepted and rubber stamped the paperwork of SEVEN MILLION applicants.  That move would have allowed the Border Patrol to do the job of protecting our borders. The job for which they were hired.  They could have upheld the oaths they pledged.  Unfortunately, the priority was mass amnesty not responsibility.

Now that DHS is fully funded, expect Jeh and crew to get handsome bonuses again this year.


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  1. jkiraly@cox.net Says:

    The whole affair reminds me of a Fats Domino Song, Bob, “An’ it it a shame…”. The song is maybe a little too mild, but only a rapper would have a song with more appropriate words.


    Patriot who served

    “For those who have fought for it, Freedom has a flavor the defended will never know.” A veteran is someone who, at one point in his/her life wrote a blank check made payable to, ‘The United States of America’ for an amount of, ‘Up to and including my life.’ That is Honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it.’


  2. bizarroworldusa Says:

    I read the first line of your comment – up to the song title and immediately thought “Yeah, but the song is enjoyable”. Then I read the next sentence. I agree!


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