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April 27, 2015

For those who don’t believe we have become Bizarro World, USA!

Our government allows gang members and other criminals entry into the country.  They are given Social Security cards and disability payments because their lack of English fluency makes them less employable.

Now they give looters and vandals space to do their thing.  Listen to the Mayor of Baltimore.


April 23, 2015

When they don’t get their way, the Marxists of this regime continue to vindictively punish the citizens. Remember when the National Parks Service closed the WWI memorial…on Memorial Day?

The move was meant to harm veterans. It was said to be necessary due to the sequestration (read: reasoned spending plan agreed upon in the Budget Control Act of 2011). However, the Obamas managed to make available enough taxpayer money to take a nine day vacation to Hawaii costing over $4 million. But that was nothing compared to Michele’s jaunt to Africa the same year costing us over $100 million. Ah, to hell with the damn vets, they’re old and so few of them left anyway!

And then the trumpeting that Social Security checks would be delayed for the same reason? That, too, was simply to show the maturing populace who is really in control.

Well, now it seems the IRS deliberately cut their customer service staff during tax season. What really happened?  IRS Commissioner John Koskinen purposely diverted $134 million from his customer service division for no reason other than to cause pain. You couldn’t, and still can’t, get your questions answered but there remains an army of auditors (some armed) on payroll ready to make your life miserable because you neglected to declare $10 in interest on your savings account as income.

When will the American public awaken to see we have a Marxist tyrant in charge who has appointed cabinet members, advisors and secretaries of like mind?
1. the economy remains that of some third world countries
2. the labor force participation rate stands at 62.7%  for a true unemployment rate is 37.3%
3. our military is demoralized and diminished
4. we effectively have no borders to define our country
5. people with no right to be on our soil are drawing down on our now meager resources
6. the Attorney General conspiculously refuses to bring suit against blatant lawbreakers if they also are Marxists, black, Muslim or Democrats
7. The EPA imposes ridiculous regulations on businesses for no apparent reason other than profit gouging compliance
8. every time one of the elite Marxists doesn’t get his or her way, you and I suffer more

It’s time to do something other than waving our hands and blurting out, “What difference, at this point, does it make”? It’s time for the citizens to retake control of our government as intended by the founding fathers.


April 22, 2015

Whoa, what was that? I recently read an article in the Washington Post that said hundreds of Puerto Ricans living in the United States are now, and have been, receiving Social Security disability payments because they cannot speak English. Over two hundred Puerto Ricans have been granted disabled status between 2011 and 2013. It seems they are less employable due to the language barrier.

I recognize that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and that the residents are non-voting U.S. citizens, but Spanish is their native language. Spanish is also the native language of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and of course Mexico. Does this mean that soon we will be working and contributing to Social Security not for our own supplemental income in retirement but so that illegal immigrants, made non-deportable by an unconstitutional executive mandate, can draw on this fund rather than having to learn English? Is this a way to redistribute wealth that the candidate Obama told Joe the Plumber about?

I have seen many employment ads for applicants who must be bi-lingual. But those two languages are generally assumed, not identified. In fact, I know one Vietnamese job seeker, a college graduate, who was turned down for a job in California despite the fact she could speak English and three other languages fluently. Her problem was that none of those four languages was Spanish. Could she have received disability benefits for not speaking Spanish? She was otherwise well qualified for the position.

Perhaps, just maybe, if we had an official national language, and if we had an immigration policy that was properly and legally enforced this problem could be overcome. How about, “if you want to come to this country and work, you must first prove who you are and that you can meet all conditions and qualifications of that employment”.


April 11, 2015

The 2015 incursion is well under way. It’s the opportune time for transients with little to offer the country other than the possessions found in the knapsacks or bundles they carry and a need for services to cross the deserts of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in search of a better life.

The freezing of winter has subsided. The sweltering heat of summer is not yet upon us. U.S. taxpayers, at the behest of President Obama and Secretary Jeh Johnson, are even fronting the money to airlift children and some adults from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador so they don’t have to undergo the arduous trek to invade us.  They will be deposited throughout the United States without health, background or security checks.

There is no expectation of their allegiance to the promised land. They will remain faithful to the country they no longer want as they unwittingly do their best to replicate, here, the third world conditions from which they flee.

The people coming across the border are not jet propulsion engineers seeking employment with NASA. They may one day become so, after taking advantage of many socialist entitlement programs, but that likelihood is negligible. They are not, in general, potential neurosurgeons seeking post-graduate residency at Johns Hopkins.

They are most likely laborers seeking to work hard for subsistence pay. They may work for individuals as grounds keepers, nannys or cooks. They may work for companies as unskilled apprentices, maids or custodians. They will show their gratitude for the jobs by working hard for long hours. Some greedy employers will take advantage of their determination for personal gain.

A common theory for allowing Central and South Americans and others to flood our boarders is to bolster the number of Democrat voters. While the move will undoubtedly temporarily benefit those who hate our charter, there is a much more sinister plot behind the well planned and encouraged insurgency. Democrat voters are only identified on the blueprint’s discardable sheet number fifteen. They are just included in the transition. The projected paradigm ultimately does not include a need for any voters.

If the newcomers choose to vote at all, they will probably vote for the party that gives them the most goodies to make life comfortable. Yes, that would be the Democrat party because giving trinkets and baubles trains and keeps the ignorant and unobservant, subdued and gratified.  That is the Democrat base.

However, the best guess reason for this regime allowing a burgeoning influx of foreigners is to dilute the existing patriotism and destroy our economy. It’s the design of Marxists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven. The plan architecture builds massive and unsustainable debt.  It creates disenchantment and unrest. It supposes ultimate and inevitable uprising against the government when morale completely breaks down. Total economic collapse is necessary for complete change.

That is the time we can expect militant forces taking control of our cities. Martial law is set to prevail. That is when the Democrat party along with all of us become subjects of the new “Civilian National Security Force” that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the US Military. The 2008 promise of Barack Obama is set to quell any provoked upheaval.

We are well under way to the total demise of a once great sovereign nation. The supreme ruler, the anointed one, may choose not to even hold elections in 2016. Elections could disrupt the destiny set forth by the current reign. It appears the plan in play is to use the force withheld from our enemies against our own people. The heavy-handed stratagem includes the loss of many dissenters lives. To achieve the socialist Nirvana sought, only the meek and amenable must survive to serve the elite.


April 3, 2015

Apparently being color blind is now racist. Treating everyone as if they are human and equal but not acknowledging their cultural differences or their skin hue is racist.

I want to be politically correct but it’s just getting too hard. Every time I think I know what the PC police want, they change the rules.  I’ll just continue to be honest and identify people and things as they are. I can no longer carry on trying to please a bunch of overly sensitive liberal idiots who want to make a federal case out of everything and then riot when reason prevails.

Janice Harvey, an English teacher in Worchester, MA, recently defended her school with a column in the local paper. She caused trouble when she wrote, “North High has its problems – any urban high school with a poverty rate over 90 percent has more than its share – but racial tension between students, or between staff and students, has never been an issue … Our staff, which is not even close to being lily-white, is color-blind, and thankfully so are our students”.

The school principal, says the statement actually reveals insidious racism. She shot off an email to the entire staff of the school saying that being “colorblind” ignored the right of students to honor their particular complexions.

So now I’m confused. Should I treat blacks, Jews, Muslims, Christians, gays, women, Asians, Hispanics, Europeans each differently for those differences? Should I accept the differences and treat each group differently? Or, should I continue to treat them equally with deserved honor and respect?

It must be hard being a tolerant, compassionate and caring liberal who hates everything that someone else does or says. Seeing only misery in absolutely everything has to be exhausting.