Apparently being color blind is now racist. Treating everyone as if they are human and equal but not acknowledging their cultural differences or their skin hue is racist.

I want to be politically correct but it’s just getting too hard. Every time I think I know what the PC police want, they change the rules.  I’ll just continue to be honest and identify people and things as they are. I can no longer carry on trying to please a bunch of overly sensitive liberal idiots who want to make a federal case out of everything and then riot when reason prevails.

Janice Harvey, an English teacher in Worchester, MA, recently defended her school with a column in the local paper. She caused trouble when she wrote, “North High has its problems – any urban high school with a poverty rate over 90 percent has more than its share – but racial tension between students, or between staff and students, has never been an issue … Our staff, which is not even close to being lily-white, is color-blind, and thankfully so are our students”.

The school principal, says the statement actually reveals insidious racism. She shot off an email to the entire staff of the school saying that being “colorblind” ignored the right of students to honor their particular complexions.

So now I’m confused. Should I treat blacks, Jews, Muslims, Christians, gays, women, Asians, Hispanics, Europeans each differently for those differences? Should I accept the differences and treat each group differently? Or, should I continue to treat them equally with deserved honor and respect?

It must be hard being a tolerant, compassionate and caring liberal who hates everything that someone else does or says. Seeing only misery in absolutely everything has to be exhausting.

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