Muslims, just like liberals, are manifestations of contradiction. The single example I chose for this brief comparison is the Muslim practice of bacha bazi. The term bacha bazi translates to “playing with young boys”. Bacha bazi is practiced throughout Muslim countries most pronouncedly in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The friendly translation serves as a polite cover for sodomizing young boys by those of wealth and power. The custom is also favored among jihadis. Bacha bazi also allows for the sale of prepubescent children for the practice of prostitution.

It’s practiced, it’s accepted, it’s even encouraged. Yet, homosexuality between two consenting adults is prohibited and reason for death by stoning for both of the engaging parties. Good for the rulers, death for others.

This I see as nothing less than liberals legislating costly and unnecessary and unmanageable regulations upon businesses and individuals then finding myriad reasons for exempting themselves from compliance.

Another comparable liberal incongruity might be the way they mandate taxation for the masses. Liberal voters often champion raising taxes to make the world a happier place, then avoid the payments when due. *See John Kerry, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Charlie Rangel, Timothy Geithner, Bill Richardson, Eric Holder, Tom Daschle, Claire McCaskill… And, I won’t even start on the socialist left Hollywood elite.

The major, and perhaps only, difference between the sodomizing Muslims and our own American liberals might be that the Muslims selectively procure their individual victims. The socialist progressive liberals here in the United States just indiscriminently back door all of us.


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