Common Core education is nothing more than social engineering. Simple math problems now take up to ten minutes to solve for the best and brightest. Even then, the accepted answer is not always the correct answer. High school graduates still read with 7th grade proficiency. Our junior colleges are stymied with remedial courses and high school class work. Yet, adolescents armed with a high school diploma expect welcoming into the business world with a $50K minimum starting position.

The common core materials I have seen suggest a very socialist point of view that subliminally incites unnecessary racism, presents only a solitary view of the environment, wealth and wealth redistribution, and a distinctive leftist political direction. The children are not being taught how to gather information, explore options and arrive at logical conclusions.  They are being taught what to think and believe.

My personal research has, to date, found no offsetting viewpoints. Thus, in my opinion, today’s youth are not being educated, they are being indoctrinated to accept life in a very divisive socialist society.

The following is just one example of how racism is interjected into a lesson plan.

Full Page Worksheet

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