Virtually nobody in congress read the Patient Protection and Afordable Care Act (PPACA) in its entirety before passage. That bill has since been shortened to the ACA because there is no patient protection. It should be shortened to the CA because it is proving not to be affordable for patients, doctors, insurers,  or taxpayers. To be truthful, many people are now claiming that they cannot get adequate care under the act.  Therefore, it is referred to as Obamacare which has no meaning.

Here’s an idea. Why don’t we change the name completely to accurately reflect what it really is? Perhaps something like the (BEACPO) Busted Economy by Alinsky, Cloward, Piven and Obama or just (DWA) for Down With America would be appropriate.

To this point, Saturday, only a handful of legislators have read the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) which comes up for a vote on Tuesday. The bill will give an untrustworthy president fast track authority to make unenforceable deals with untrustworthy countries.  This is the man who waited 16 hours before giving permission to take out Bin Laden.  We almost missed the opportunity again.  I wouldn’t give him fast track authority to buy an ice cream cone at Ben and Jerry’s.

Some of those who will be ignorantly voting on the bill want to be president! Talk about low information voters. How about low information leaders?

Even Nancy “But we have to pass the bill so that you can, uh, find out what is in it” Pelosi is against it. She hasn’t read it either, but apparently even she no longer believes her half-black idol should have unbridled authority. Harry Reid is against it, too. But that’s probably just because two of the three authors have an (R) following their title and name.

Can we even trust that all or any of the claimed writers of this bill (Max Baucus, Orin Hatch and Dave Camp) have read the whole thing?  Hey, is Jonathan Gruber an unnamed co-conspirator at this conference table?

Where is America, I want her back.


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