More money to fix the failing schools (so they can look nice while continuing turn out barely literate adolescents), more money for the poor (so they so they feel more comfortable in their capacity as submissive subordinates), more money for transportation (to study which maintenance projects can be even further delayed to allow more spending on unearned bonuses and lavish, costly retreats and conventions for the department heads), more money for national security (so DHS can send high quality color brochures to the various southern Border Patrol sectors saying Stand Down and let the mules, cartel leaders, gang members and radical Islamists pass. Divide your illegal entrant count by 3 before filing reports so the taxpayers don’t become alarmed), more money for the Department of Commerce (so so they can impose more domestic regulations that increase our trade deficit more rapidly) are not the ways to general prosperity.

Money is not the answer. Care, concern, dedication, diligence, responsibility, culpability and the possibility of being fired for lack of performance or incompetence might be some answers to the problems facing government. More funding for ongoing problems is often like fertilizing and watering weeds.  It helps them to grow. Watch government grow as it receives more money. The bureaucracies grow faster than the problems they are meant to correct.  Yet they do little to mitigate the initial concerns.  They need more money.

Somebody please tell the idiot progressive liberals that money is not the answer to most problems. It only separates the haves further from the rest of us. It gives more power and authority to a stronger, more defiant ruling class. Fiscal discipline is much better for society as a whole. Throwing money at ongoing problems only exacerbates the issues. But most liberals cannot see the two class society they are ignorantly complicit in creating.

The war on poverty is, and always has been, political Doublespeak for “We, of wealth and power, will have more at the banquet while the rest will sift the dirt under our tables seeking the crumbs we drop”.  Building a new Four Seasons Hotel and employing illegal aliens for cleaning and turn-down service does not spread any wealth or help anybody but the rich and powerful.


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