It seems to be okay if you kids’ school wants them to opt out of being straight in favor of gay. It’s also preferred for them to accept that man is responsible for the environmental damage done by the recent eruption of Chilean volcano, Calbuco.  But don’t let your kids opt out of Common Core testing. They will be suspended.

Personally, I believe the proper way to protest Common Core is for the kids to answer all the questions. They should not only answer the questions, but they should do so with answers contrary to those expected by the teacher. Since “close enough” is a right answer to a Common Core math problem, why not be obvious with the wrong one.

Test question: What is the sum of 3 + 5?
Student answer: 7
Teacher: How did you arrive at 7?
Student: Because it’s my favorite number and I haven’t used it yet today.
Teacher: Okay Johnny, you get an A for today.

Grab a cup of coffee, or whatever, and spend 15 minutes watching this short discourse about common core indoctrination education. The meat of the video starts at mark 2:10.

Why opt out?  Why risk suspension?  Have your child be defiantly obedient and play the stupid game. Learning should be fun!

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