I forgive the trudging low-information followers who consistently vote for Democrats as they always have because their parents did and because they refuse to know any better. They blindly follow what they want to believe the party stands for and refuse to see what it is truly. I forgive them for being ignorant. I wish some of them would pick up a history book and read about the dictators of the world, how they gained power and what happened to the citizens of their countries thereafter. I doubt it will happen, but I hope with all optimism that it might.

I find that socialism is often misunderstood by its least intelligent supporters and opponents to mean simply unrestrained indulgence of our natural propensity to heave bricks at respectable persons. [George Bernard Shaw, “An Unsocial Socialist,” 1900]

The Democrat party is, and has always been, a party of two classes as are Socialism and Communism. The leaders used great camouflage early on but somewhere around the turn of the 20th century, the top party members began openly saying one thing and doing the opposite. It was when President Woodrow Wilson and “progressives” took reign of the party that they began openly adhering to the fundamental principles of social, industrial and economic justice; the doctrines of Marx and Lenin.

As soon as the direct association between progressive and Communist was made, the term progressive was dropped in favor of the less formidable label of liberal. Later the admiration of Democrat leaders turned to such dominant figures as Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. Today, with new found calmness, the Marxist / socialists are again proudly attaching the title of progressive to their names.

All of the above named despots obtained power by promising to make life better for the working man. All of them ultimately caged the working man with sub-par education, indoctrination and a life of subordination and poverty. Our current president is an admirer of all these despots and is an adamant follower of Karl Marx. He is troubled that those still living he so admires treat him with contempt even as he coddles them.

I forgive the low information followers for their ignorance. I just wish some of them would divert their attention from reality shows, Facebook and Twitter and celebrity icons to self education. Otherwise they will take the rest of us down with them as they unthinkingly vote for more Democrat (Marxist, socialist, Communist) legislators and rulers. I long for the America of opportunity once again.

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