I recently ran across a word I had never heard. I knew from the article I was reading that the word was referring to a gender description, but that was all I could identify. The word was “non-binary”.

I had to chase the rabbit. I had to find out what it meant and why I had not come across it before. Male and female are now apparently rare among the human species.

What I found was a list of thirteen (13) major non-God given gender descriptors. They include such terms as demigender, multigender and neutrois. DNA be damned! Within these thirteen groups are subsets, totaling upwards of 50, gender alternates.  Each of the major groups has its own flagThis makes for very colorful Pride parades.

No wonder our public schools now have to teach sex and gender rather than geography, civics, math, English (language studies), history and the like. In the spirit of fundamental change, look for a redesignation and more funding going to the new Pubic School System. After all, with Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education, our kids and grandkids don’t know school or education as we did. With thirteen (and growing) major categories of sexual preference, the village must take charge and educate the upcoming generations about the array of their sexual choices. We dumb old straight guys and gals sure can’t.

I’m sure it is confusing even to those people who want to be equal by being different. Gay, queer, lesbian, transgender and such must not have been confusing enough. Those designations now seem to be passé due to their limitations.

There are now such a large variety of gender morphings that each must be represented by its own flag to designate their collectively identical sex and gender differences.  Whoa! Apparently one can also move between the categorizes or subcategories as one’s gender dysphoria dictates.  Flow gently between the groups and collect all flags.

Personally, I have to wonder if all the gender confusion is caused by the genetically altered foods consumed or the synthetic pharmaceuticals ingested in the name of health. They alter not only our minds but our genomes. Perhaps it’s the chemicals and compounds misted into the atmosphere by large tanker planes that make milky patterns in the sky. This junk settling to earth changes the air we breathe and  the makeup of the soil in which we grow our foods and feed our livestock.  Nah, that thar stuff’s all AAA gubmint approved.

There are so many unnatural influences on living species today that future generations will undoubtedly look at digital images or holograms of their ancestors (us) and wonder how we could possibly all be related.


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One Response to “GENDER CONFUSION”

  1. Says:

    Very good article. I’m experiencing a few of these issues as well..


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