Let it first be said that I have nothing, absolutely nothing, against people who are struggling to keep up in this or any economy. I wish them all well. I hope only the best for them. I recognize that it is especially difficult for those caught in a stalwart battle to maintain dignity with constant government intrusion into their lives. The greater fight for upward mobility is often against the elite power structure that keeps them mentally and economically impoverished and dependent through entitlements and stipends. I get it, it’s tough!

However, the current Marxist move to bribe cities, towns and communities with funding to place “affordable housing” amidst middle class neighborhoods is as dastardly as any scheme yet. It will make each of the experimental neighborhoods into a mini Detroit. This government driven demographic redirection now popular on the East coast will not happen in Hollywood or Brentwood Hills.

For some people of low esteem, placing them into more affluent settings will serve only to enhance their frustration. It will do more to isolate and segregate classes within the managed communities than anything this country has ever witnessed. And, it can only destroy the mean property values in the price-managed neighborhoods.

This is not gentrification as described.  This is selective neighborhood depression. This is an Agenda 21 move toward a two class society.

Expect mass exodus from these project areas by homeowners wanting to preserve their individual wealth and personal values. They will bail to maximize their equity before the next government caused housing market collapse. That collapse will be explained as an “unexpected consequence” of the Marxist initiative.

The planned affordable housing program is part of the playbook to homogenize America’s economy and social environment. It will further exalt direct visual and conversation control over us. Agenda 21 is the full materialization of George Orwell’s “1984”.

Unfortunately, too many innocent people accept and even welcome the changes because they are unaware that each step along the way is fundamentally dismantling our country. They cannot see that today’s complacency takes some freedom, responsibility and respect from each of us as individuals and places these human rights in the hands of a few potential despots. Once fully empowered, legions of armed and armored forces compelled by those tyrants will walk among us to quell uprisings before they start.

Today’s highly publicised police encounters are nothing compared to what is in the future thanks to the low-information voters who are encouraged to ignorantly vote for more personal freebies.

Affordable housing, economic integration, higher taxes, expansive and restrictive laws and regulations, P.C. speech confines, FCC censored TV, radio and Internet, NSA personal data collection, IRS intimidating opponents of the political party in power, Executive edicts and mandates pushing beyond the limits of the law and the Constitution all make life in the U.S. look like full central government control is just around the corner. That’s called tyranny,  folks.

Not all change is good!


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