President Obama rides Air Force One across the country to personally enjoy each water sucking golf course in the drought ridden west.  First Lady Michelle jaunts around the globe with her entourage in as many as 5 carbon spewing jets.  However, the EPA wants to restrict the use of your back yard BBQ because it pollutes the air.

Yep, searing flesh outdoors for tasty and enjoyable nourishment is destroying the environment and must be curtailed. And fireworks…you don’t want to hear about the ongoing damage done to the quality of air in your neighborhood by one night of the brilliant celebratory displays. It’s incredible.

Enjoy the freedom granted when independence from an overbearing elitist government was adopted on July 4, 1776. This may be your last uninhibited opportunity.  The fundamental transformation is underway and our traditions and history are changing.

Oh, how far we’ve come!


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