For years now, I have been ranting about the rules, regulations, edicts and other mandates made by the government (3 administrations) that do more harm than good for the environment, human dignity or mankind in general. Now it is beyond nervous laughter. It’s serious.

There is a very wide gap between reasoned conservation and ludicrous power wielding. Yet, the ignorant enthusiasm of environmentalists and government know-naughts allows them to jump that chasm with closed eyes.

Forests throughout the West burn violently each year sending almost as much pollution into the air as the fleets of jets and limos headed for an Al Gore spearheaded global warming convention. The fires kill wildlife, cause some to flee their natural habitat and make some furry creatures invade residential areas or regions where there is no food to sustain life. Beyond the immediate, it takes decades for the devastated territories to regain their life sustaining camouflage and nourishment. Why? Simply because a few misguided individuals believe that thinning trees and clearing a forest floor disrupts nature and harms the natural ecosystem.

Thus, brush clearing is prohibited in many areas. Thank you to the EPA and the dunderheads who lobby for untenable environmental controls.

Water conservation activists campaigned heartily for low flow shower heads and low volume toilets to save the valued and limited supply. Yeah, that’s working well. In order to get the shampoo out of your hair, you now have to stand and let the water gently trickle across your scalp for about a day and a half. Then after rinsing, according to the instructions on the shampoo bottle, you must repeat.

And the toilets today. Low volume = double flush. That means about one and a half times the water it used to take. Additionally, after the second flush and fill you have to use a brush and clean the bowl. That may mean an additional flush to clean the brush. Low volume toilets are working well, too.

Singer, Sheryl Crow, once suggested at a global warming affair that a “one square” restriction be imposed for every porcelain throne event. She failed to grasp the concept of water needed to clean the crap off your hands after using the one square. Eh, that can be written off as an unintended consequence. Save a tree, lose an agricultural field.

So now, according to The Hill.com, the Department of Energy (DOE) is proposing a 3.1 gallon limit on each dishwasher load. The link above illustrates the results of ignorant government bureaucrats setting unreachable goals and mandating their compliance.

I don’t care if you cause sparks to fly and wires melt at every wind driven or solar powered electrical generating station in the nation to super-heat the water for your dishwasher. After killing the bacteria you need to rinse it away or consume it in the future.


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