For months now, we have been hearing that Hillary is conveniently incapable of controlling two email accounts on one hand-held device so she chose to forego a dot-gov address. We then found out that she had at least two and possibly many more email addresses she readily accessed from her phone. She claimed that there was no, none, not any, zip, zero classified email on her private server. She did not send or receive any classified correspondence over her personal email account(s).

Some questions nobody, to the best of my knowledge, has yet asked are:

  1. “Secretary Clinton, did you do all your government business via personal, face to face conversation in bug-swept secure areas”?
  2. “Secretary Clinton, did you conduct all of your government business over secure phone lines and none over your hand held device?”
  3. “Secretary Clinton, how can you be so sure that none of the emails you sent or received were classified when you refused to share them with the very individuals who are charged with determining national security classifications?”
  4. “Secretary Clinton, how were you able to conduct any government business without taking the precautions necessary to secure that business?” and
  5. “Secretary Clinton, would you please define none as you have used it in your statements of defense?”

Of course, we are now learning that she harbored not only Confidential information from her superiors and peers, at the same time she also made Secret and Top Secret information available to clerks, her lawyer, her political advisors and perhaps even her cohort Sydney Blumenthal. NEED TO KNOW be damned.

The White House and several strategic departments within this administration are surreptitiously infiltrated with devout Muslims, some of whom have ties, direct or indirect, to radical groups. Some, it has been reported, have current affiliations with radical Islamic terrorists. That includes Mrs. Clinton’s personal aide Huma Abedin.

Mrs. Clinton’s blatant disregard for national security and general lack of protocol is appalling.  It is only surpassed by the actions of her former boss.  Between the two, our nation is at great peril.

In 2007 I said, it is time for a black man to be president, just not this black man. Today I say, it is time for a woman to be president, just not this woman. And I again hope that President Obama has not sullied the “person of color” image for future presidents of either or any gender.


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