Yesterday I published an article written earlier in the week <link> where I asked a series of questions.  The one question that I failed to include, but have been wondering about for months is:  “What is to keep someone from swapping out the drives in the Clintonmail server?”

We now find out that the drives have been professionally wiped clean.  At this point, the action appears to be as good as swapping them out.  Time will tell if any data can be retrieved from them by an independent forensic team.

In March of this year I posted an article suggesting a forensic audit of the Clintonmail server  <link>.  We’ll probably never know when the wipe took place.  However, had the server been confiscated earlier perhaps the Corruptocrats front runner might not have the time to deliberately destroy evidence possibly linked to treason or espionage.

Will her memoirs be written from federal prison?  I doubt it, after all her last name is Clinton and the Department of Justice is controlled by Barack Hussein Obama.  We may just have to wait and see.  I expect she is going to be unable to recall anything about her term as Secretary of State when the criminal investigation begins.




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