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September 25, 2015

According to the Marin Independent Journal (a voice of reason in an extremely liberal California county), the New York Times and CNN, Obama has found another new way to defy the will of the people and skirt the laws of legal ingress. It might be called importing foreign nationals to further attenuate the structure and stability of America.  The administration, of course, refers to it as sanctuary from persecution.

The current D.C. cabal claims that they want to protect our border from assault by South and Central Americans. They claim it will save lives of those people forced to traverse Mexico. However, in truth, we may soon begin picking up “refugees” by plane for delivery to your hometown.

Refugee: noun
1. a person who flees for refuge or safety, especially to a foreign country, as in time of political upheaval, war, etc.

The definition above says nothing about people who wish for a better life and greater government subsidies being picked up from their home state for transport to a more accommodating country. It says nothing about collecting people from different parts of the globe to turn a capitalist society into a socialist one and yet that is exactly what is happening.

The proposal under consideration makes asylum in the United States as easy as filling out a simple form and boarding a plane at no expense or discomfort. When the person or family arrives in the U.S. they are immediately eligible for a plethora of social benefits paid by but not available to many Americans. For Americans, make no mistake, if you live in a red state, county or voting district you will be seeing new faces and a neighborhood cultural change soon.

The “asylum” accommodations listed above are not unlike those afforded to the Muslim imports from the Middle-East and Africa.

This Marxist remaking of America is sure to include terrorists, cartel aficionados, gang members and ne’er-do-wells. The sanctuary program offered is sure to stress our already rapidly eroding society.

Welcome to the New America


September 16, 2015

California is once again taking the lead. Governor Moonbeam and his merry band of progressives must think they can derive enough money out of 2.6 million new driver licenses to offset their inane deficit spending.

By overwhelming Democrat vote in the legislature and the stroke of the governor’s pen, California will now issue driver licenses to people who have broken our immigration laws and who cannot prove who they really are. Much of the identification process is done by having another person stand with them in line and say to the DMV clerk, “Yup, that’s Ding or Abdullah, or Juan or Vladimir or Maria or Natasha. I’ve known him/her for years”. Often, even the “Yup” is in a language other than English.

Perhaps the new money will fund another study identifing why the delta smelt is still dying off despite the state bankrupting farmers and driving up food costs by reducing supply. Maybe some of the new revenue will make up for the parched earth of the central valley that is no longer producing tax revenue.

Let’s forego the issuing of driver licenses to individuals who cannot read street signs or understand traffic officers’ requests or commands for a moment. For now, let’s even overlook the number of accidents driving up your uninsured and underinsured motorist and medical payment premiums.

I hear or read daily about how a mother and her two daughters were mowed down in a crosswalk in San Diego by a latino driver who fled on foot. The local news stations spend 20 pecent of their nightly newscasts showing pictures of bloody accident scenes in which an illegal alien is involved.

They may be from Honduras, Guatamala, Mexico, China, Syria or Pakistan or England. It doesn’t matter. Obtaining a valid picture I.D. is not going to make them better, safer or more concerned drivers. They don’t want to be jailed or deported and often don’t care who they killed or maimed as long as they can stay here, even if it means returning to the shadows.

Along with the driver license is a card showing voter registration. It may not have a party ascribed, but it will allow them a voice in determining how the state, and our country is governed.

For those of you reading this who don’t vote because you feel your vote doesn’t count…it doesn’t if you don’t cast it. By not voting you are abdicating your future well being to the whims and influences of foreign nationals. And that, my friend, is how we get these laws.


September 14, 2015

No, this is not the beginning of an off color joke. This is a story of just how far we’ve fallen. And no, she was not Caitlyn/Bruce/Combo/? Jenner.

A woman walked into an upscale barbershop and demanded the barber cut her hair. The owner gracefully declined to perform the service and explained why.

He was trained and experienced in cutting men’s hair, not women’s. He explained that to the customer as reason for not performing the service. He said he had no experience styling women’s hair, he did not have the products to complement the cut and he didn’t have curling irons or other specialty hand tools needed to do a proper job.  He was concerned that he would not be able to perform a service worthy of his shop’s reputation. It was a barbershop, a long established barbershop. It was not a styling salon or hair boutique.

Perhaps she was looking to file a multi-million dollar law suit against the barber for incompetence had he failed to satisfy her.  We’ll never know since he did not lay scissors to her.  She did, however, file an action with the state’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs.  That action resulted in a fine to the shop owner of $750. 

This insanity goes well beyond a baker not catering a gay affair. It is the lunacy du jour.

I have said before that soon a Ford dealer, somewhere, will be put out of business for not allowing customers the opportunity to test drive a new Chevrolet. I thought I was joking. Now I’m not so sure. It is rapidly coming to pass that a business cannot specialize without an activist judge ruining the owner’s life and livelihood. A nurse practitioner will be sued for not providing neuro-muscular surgery, or a pub might be sued for not stocking a full array of bath oils and scents behind the bar.

People, judges, listen up! In spite of the fact that they both provide transportation, you cannot reasonably expect to buy a horse at a car auction. Do not go there if you want to buy a horse! Don’t sue the auctioneer for not providing horses and don’t have him or her fined for not having horses.  And judges, don’t award the plaintiff monitary damages for being an idiot.

The madness escalates. Welcome to BizarroWorldUSA.


September 12, 2015

Trying to follow decisions made by different courts around the land is difficult for the average person and impossible to to understand how judgements are made. Activist judges on all levels (lower courts, state supreme courts, federal circuit courts and finally the Supreme Court of the nation) continue to invoke unconstitutional interpolations to the Constitution of the United States of America for the sole purpose of making laws rather than clarifying them.

Here’s a simple headline: The Washington Supreme Court Rules Charter Schools are Unconstitutional.
Reading the story, one finds that the “decision” questions the constitutionality of taking taxpayer money and giving it to private enterprises. The premise for this is that using taxpayer money to actually educate children rather than running them through public indoctrination centers is not a proper use. The money, once it is in the hands of corrupt government disbursement agents, must remain within the system of corruption. It can only be used within, by and for the purposes of direct government influence. That’s what this decision says to me.

Howwever, it is nothing more than another blatant example of liberal interpretation to suit a unique situation without regard for how taxpayer money is normally used as a whole.  The decision conveniently ignores the fact that the Army Corps of Engineers are not the one’s contracted to build any of the influential centers that fail to educate our kids. Instead, it is private contractors such as Fluor or Ledcor or Lusardi who use the taxpayer money to do such.

Using the school system alone to make fools out of the Washington State Supreme Court, one could take any of the purveyors for any school district.

Antithesis #1.
Are the books that convert our kids’ minds from normal to liberal written, printed, bound and sold by employees on the government payroll? Almost, but not really.

Antithesis#2: Are the meals provided to the youngsters while on the institutional grounds raised, planted, cultivated, cropped, butchered and sold by the overpaid tax usurpers? Not at all, that’s work Americans refuse to do…or so I’m told.

So, with this layman’s reading of the decision, how is it unconsititutional for our children to get a balanced education using taxpayer money?  Why must our youth be chained to a highly influenced liberal indoctrination center?

Apparently, if liberals lose control of the easily influenced minds of tomorrow’s generation before they are able to form reasoned thoughts for themselves, it poses a threat to the domination philosophy. Therefore, all counter arguments derived using logic must be summarily dismissed and replaced by what “feels” right or what most appeals to the liberal doctrine.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we attempt to parse well defined words in order to continue enslaving the masses.


September 8, 2015

1. In the United States it is mandatory for an employer to verify an applicant’s eligibility to work.
2. If an employer fails to verify employment eligibility or chooses to ignore that eligibility and hires a, or some, immigrant(s) who are in the country illegally and without work authorization, they are subject to fine.
3. The D.O.J. fines employers for workplace discrimination when they hire citizens over illegal immigrants without work visas.

The laws of this country are only enforced when this administration so chooses to enforce them.

1. High school students claiming to be transgendered mandate the use of locker rooms and restrooms corresponding to the gender with which they most closely associate today.
2. If young girls or boys object to sharing their private sanctuaries with someone whose genitals are of the opposite gender…too bad. That’s discrimination.
3. It is also discriminating against the gender confused individual to ask him or her to use a gender neutral or multi-gender facility.

It is okay to make normal and natural people uncomfortable, but not minorities exploring alternative lifestyles.

1. President Obama defies congress and normal constitutional protocol when convenient by using his pen and phone.
2. President Obama personally and defiantly rewrote his own signature health care legislation on multiple occasions to accommodate donors and special interest groups.
3. President Obama, through his Department of Injustice forces Christians, even nuns, to adhere to the health care law despite their religious beliefs by suing them in court.

Demanding that Christains adhere to unjust laws is not discrimination.

1. Hillary Clinton defies federal laws and regulations by exclusive use of a private email server and comingles both work and personal correspondence.
2. Hillary Clinton publicly, over and over, denies that any classified information ever passed through her personal server.
3. Hillary Clinton destroys all evidence of wrong doing by erasing, or causing to be erased, all email correspondence, from her personal server.
4. Hillary Clinton did not recognize a fellow Democrat when she referenced Kim Davis’ refusal to issue marriage licenses to gay individuals.  Her “not thinking” response was, “Marriage equality is the law of the land. Officials should be held to their duty to uphold the law—end of story”.

Enjoy anarchy.  Continue the trend.  Vote Democrat!