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October 30, 2015

For private enterprises, it’s outlawed. Since it’s the government, it’s right, it’s proper and it’s good for you. Nudging is subliminal and it’s effective. A “nudge” is offering what you want to happen and making someone comply if they don’t take steps to consciously reject it.  Nudging, thanks to Cass Sunstein, is now influencing the change promised by Barack Obama.

You don’t need to register to vote, simply apply for a driver license. When states do this, it not only allows people the opportunity to exercise the privilege of voting, it encourages voter turnout. That’s a nudge! Some states are now issuing driver licenses to foreign nationals who cannot even read or understand the driving laws, much less the politics of the nation, yet they may vote.

You no longer have to volunteer to be an organ donor. However, you must sign and file a waiver if you choose not to donate. That’s a nudge. If you fail to opt out of the program when you receive or renew your driver license, your innards can become part of an elected official or other highly influential person as soon as you die or a coerced private physician declares you dead.

This is called the “nudge theory”. Paying a fine to the government for not having health insurance is another form of nudge. Want to make sure that a progressive is in the White House? Just offer a Socialist campaigner and all of a sudden a staunch progressive looks like a moderate, viable and acceptable alternative. Or, on the other side of the aisle, allow a side-show celebrity figure offering inflammatory, bold and definitely not politically correct rhetoric to rally the far right. Now a normal conservative looks good.

The government denies that illegal aliens have any of the rights of citizenship…Welfare benefits, voting rights, Obamacare, Social Security benefits…yet they backdoor the privileges so that you, Mr. or Mrs. taxpayer don’t protest. That’s lying, but the uninformed accept it.

Want to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens? Simply make more places off-limits to guns. Wait for a depressed individual with an UZI on doctor directed medication to enter the grounds, then exploit the tragedy. Say, “See, I told you so. We’ve got to reduce the number of guns available to reduce the possibility of this happening again”. Another nudge.

If you’re the President and want to spend taxpayer money the way you want, take on an authoritarian posture.  Tell the American people military pay will be delayed, Social Security checks will not arrive on time and national parks will have to be closed. By doing so, members of congress who vote against your wishes become villains to those in the military, retirees or families planning a vacation. Nudge!

“Americans want” or “Most Americans say” are quiet nudges meant to make people feel left out if they don’t agree. Given that most people want to be with the majority, to be right, the influence can often cause people of indecisive or impressionable minds to go with the professed flow.

Before making any major decision, take the time to research how that decision may be unduly influenced.


October 28, 2015

Does anybody remember the financial meltdown of 2008 that began the current depression? (Yes, I mean depression and I’ll explain that in a bit). Does anybody care that it is happening again, but this time on a much, much larger scale?

The United States of America, not just Wall Street, is over-leveraged and operating on what can only be considered pyramid tactics. Continued borrowing to support wasteful deficit spending without a plan in place to do anything but exacerbate the condition is rapidly bringing us to the brink.

Secretary of Treasury, Jacob (Jack) Lew, is calling for yet another raising of the debt ceiling to pay the debts we cannot afford. Why call it a ceiling? Ceiling implies the extent to which something can rise. If we continue to raise the ceiling, there is effectively no ceiling. Why do we make-believe there is a limit for the amount of debt an administration or a country may incur?

There is even a potential plan in place, that could be passed by congress to “suspend” the debt ceiling.  What a great plan!  Don’t even try to set a limit or quantify a spending amount, just allow spending to go on and wait for the collapse of the country.  Now I’m depressed.

The government spins the job reports to make it look like we are in recovery. They put forth that unemployment claims are at a 40 year low. They purposefully fail to state that 37.6% of the eligible civilian workforce is without work and have been for so long that they no longer show on the unemployment rolls.  This number continues to rise.

In 1929, 25% of the workforce was idle and that was called a depression.  The number of people out of work today is increasing as the available jobs continue to decrease.  Among those wage earners fortunate enough to have employment, weekly hours now average just 32 where a 40 hour workweek was the norm just a few years ago.

Today the government sends money straight to people’s bank accounts via EBT and SNAP so we don’t see long bread lines today.  It’s all illusion.

Another round of housing foreclosures is on the horizon.  Fire sale pricing is already underway in some areas of the country. This will only sink us deeper into the “recession” from which the government claims we’re recovering. It will put more people on the Welfare rolls requiring more assistance from the federal government. This won’t be the last request for a debt ceiling increase to pay the bills.

Just a reasoned cutback on wasteful expenditures by our public employees would help the situation tremendously. A few less billion dollar grants to nations sponsoring terrorism might also be a place to start.


October 24, 2015

Being retired can lead to some interesting days. It can also render days of nothingness. On Thursday, I chose to spend the majority of the day watching the Benghazi hearings starring Hillary Clinton.

What I expected to see was an inquiry into what happened on the night of September 11, 2012. What I saw was a feud between Elija Cummings and Trey Gowdy. I did think and hope both Democrats and Republicans would be interested in identifying accountability for inadequate security at an American post in a hostile land on the anniversary of America’s greatest loss of lives caused by radical Islamic terrorists.

What I did see was a grueling stage show of fans and inquisitors. There were actually two committees which former Secretary Clinton addressed. Though every panelist pontificated before getting to their questioning, Republicans asked responsible questions bent on acquiring information about the attack, security at the compound and why no support was provided during the nearly twelve hour seige; why no fighter jets were scrambled or special warefare troops were even readied to assist our diplomats and intelligence agents.

On the other side of the platform was the cheering section. Democrats blew kisses to Hillary. They, one at a time, congratulated her on her wonderful service to the country as Secretary of State.  I believe I heard one ask her what color toe nail polish she had on that day after using up his time in glowing adoration.

And, while wasting the taxpayer money doing so, they chastised the Republicans on the committee for spending $4.7 million fighting the Obama administration for records and emails that would have cut the committee’s time to a minimum. Unfortunately, the State Department and other bureaucracies either could not produce the requested material or elected to obfuscate the investigative process.

All-in-all, Clinton skated again. She, like her boss, managed to deflect questions and place responsibility for all the bad news upon her staff, the “security professionals”, DOD, the Pentagon and the military. Once again, she managed to credit herself for those areas she believes she benefited as Secretary of State but denied all responsibility for the deaths of four Americans who, after multiple requests for more security, remained highly vulnerable in a hostile nation.

This is the woman who wants to be president and Democrats don’t care if she’s deceitful, conniving or a habitual liar.  She’s a Democrat just like them and therefore worthy of the office.


October 22, 2015

Think back just a moment to late 2008 and throughout 2009 when Obama was heralded as the savior. He received accolades and awards including the renaming of schools, roadways, buildings and of course the Nobel Peace Prize. It seems many of his disciples are now not only backing away, they are running from any connection or association. The Nobel committee gave Obama the coveted award not for any accomplishments, for he had none, but to encourage him. They are now questioning why it was done and some committee members flat-out regret their votes. The distinction was bestowed on him for his pontification, not any actions. Like many of this nation, they are now sorry to have been duped. It seems there have been no significant actions to quell the ascent of the rebels of the globe. In fact world peace, if ever to be accomplished, is further in the future now than it was in 2009 thanks, in large, to his lack of action and will to show authority.

As well, there are some presentations from which Obama would like to distance himself. One such is the former Custer High School in Milwaukee,WI. The school was redesignated The Obama School of Career and Technical Education to honor the nation’s first president of color.

While Custer was at best a questionable leader, remaking the honorable and effective educational unit resulted in a failure as grand as the new namesake. Though, as Custer High School it was a typical underperforming public education entity, it is even worse since the change.

Adhering to Common Core State Standards, the K-12 institution now ranks 2.2 of 50 in reading with an overall rating of 39.4 of 100 (well below a failing grade) statewide.   It beats out only 14 of the demographically comparable schools of the state system. Like the president himself, the school’s rating is accompanied by the words “fails to meet expectations”.

Using the program of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) seems not to help disciplinary problems or pregnancies any more than the introduction of Common Core has helped academic achievement. Physical altercations are more common than study sessions and the police are called to the school almost as frequently as some students show up for class.

Obama is making his own legacy. However, because of the way he was cherished by the goof-eyed and ignorant masses before taking office, it is difficult to live up to the expectations held by even the semi-informed and quasi attentive Americans.


October 20, 2015

There’s a movement in progress to keep Donald Trump from hosting SNL on November 7.

Some on the left want to once again abandon any right to free speech if that speech includes conservative thought. They say that the program will embarrass NBC because of Trump’s views. In order to reinforce their biased viewpoint, they are spreading the word that it will alienate NBC’s Latino and pro-immigrant viewers by showing how little the corporation cares. Unlike any of the comedic skits skewering conservatives, the claim is that Trump spews hateful rhetoric that cannot be reconciled in comedy.

Whoa! He doesn’t say what I believe and inherently know, so shut him down. This is typical of the tolerant, inclusive and diversity driven left. If you feel as I do, you’re welcome and we can have a discussion. If you have a different viewpoint, you are wrong and therefore a bigot.

I quit watching Hannity some years ago because he tends to overtalk and shut down liberals as they attempt to make their points known. I say let them speak their own words so the world can find out just how factually bereft they really are. Offer a counterpoint when he or she has made a complete fool of themself, but let the world see just how self contradictory liberalism can truly be.

And I say the same for NBC and SNL. Allow the station and program an opportunity to showcase what might be the progressive’s premier exposure to Donald Trump. After all, there possibly isn’t a liberal who has ever listened to what he has to say. Most liberals, because they hate to hear opposing viewpoints, generally get their news about conservatives through filtered and distorted news sources such as the former Daily Show and the totally partisan MSNBC, NPR, etc. while occasionally tuning in to CNN (Clinton News Network).

Hey liberals, let the Donald make a complete fool of himself right in front of you and millions of others. You’ll have even more to misrepresent for the coming weeks or months.

But then, he could make a salient point for the liberal world to hear. That would infuriate you and cause you to find ways to pervert it before fellow liberals realize they agree with him. Could that possibility be what’s really behind your protest?