Once again we have experienced a mass shooting that took place in another gun-free zone. At Umpqua College, just like the preceding situations, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Fort Hood, and other locations the shooters felt they would be able to effect significant damage before anyone could show up to stop them. They would be able to “enhance their personal profile” even if it meant their own death.

I recently had a head spinning moment when I read an article on a left wing blog to which I subscribe. I found it just so far off the mark that I have to counter punch. I won’t name the blog because I may be their only subscriber and I don’t want to double the announced readership for this professional writers group. However, the posting is titled, “Data Proves Obama Right: Guns Deaths Are Bigger Threat To Americans Than Terrorism”.

The article quotes Democrats, other progressive and anti-gun blogs. It even includes a highly biased and dubious chart which professes to corroborate the president’s statement. I’m sure it works with semi-intelligent Obama worshipers who rage at FOX News or even CNN if there has been a differing fact or opinion presented. Of course, they get the distorted word through hearsay because most liberals cannot stand to directly access any information that doesn’t reinforce what they inherently know.  Thus they tend not to seek any truth.

What this article, as with most opinion biased presentations, fails to account for are the number of lives saved by guns. I can’t find any data regarding the number of lives saved by Obama’s cherished terrorists. Perhaps such data does exist, but I have tried five different search engines with no avail. The closest I can find through any of the search engines checked is an article on Homeland Security Today  titled “Inestimable Lives Believed Saved by Terrorist Watch List ” (emphasis added). The next closest might be “Waterboarding Saved Lives”, but the terrorists in that article did not save any lives through their own volition.

Gun Owners of America offers some fascinating historical facts that any liberal can only challenge by yelling racist, bigot, misogynist, homophobe or other derogatory term. I’m willing to bet that not one will attempt to dispute the footnote documented facts offered with anything less.


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  1. David Prendergast Says:

    FYI, its not a gun-free zone.


    • bizarroworldusa Says:

      Thank you for the correction. Although Oregon state law allows concealed weapons, Umpqua’s student handbook says firearms are prohibited on college property “except as expressly authorized by law or college regulations.”

      It’s just too bad no one in the area did have a weapon at the time needed.


  2. David Prendergast Says:

    Concealed carry in public spaces is expressly allowed by Oregon law, so the UCC handbook is somewhat moot (perhaps only discouraging those who do not know or trouble themselves to learn the law).

    As an additional FYI, there *was* an armed veteran (John Parker) and others with concealed weapons on the campus at the time:

    “When we found out there was an active shooter on campus, we were going to go and see if we could intervene,” he said, referring as well to other students who also carry concealed weapons on the campus. “If there was something we could do, we were going to do it. Luckily, we made the choice not to get involved.”

    I gathered from additional comments by Parker that they decided not to intervene because of the risk that they might be targeted by the shooter and/or by SWAT teams unable to distinguish between “good guys” and “bad guy”. They were some distance away and would have had to expose themselves in order to approach the scene of the shooting.


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