Think back just a moment to late 2008 and throughout 2009 when Obama was heralded as the savior. He received accolades and awards including the renaming of schools, roadways, buildings and of course the Nobel Peace Prize. It seems many of his disciples are now not only backing away, they are running from any connection or association. The Nobel committee gave Obama the coveted award not for any accomplishments, for he had none, but to encourage him. They are now questioning why it was done and some committee members flat-out regret their votes. The distinction was bestowed on him for his pontification, not any actions. Like many of this nation, they are now sorry to have been duped. It seems there have been no significant actions to quell the ascent of the rebels of the globe. In fact world peace, if ever to be accomplished, is further in the future now than it was in 2009 thanks, in large, to his lack of action and will to show authority.

As well, there are some presentations from which Obama would like to distance himself. One such is the former Custer High School in Milwaukee,WI. The school was redesignated The Obama School of Career and Technical Education to honor the nation’s first president of color.

While Custer was at best a questionable leader, remaking the honorable and effective educational unit resulted in a failure as grand as the new namesake. Though, as Custer High School it was a typical underperforming public education entity, it is even worse since the change.

Adhering to Common Core State Standards, the K-12 institution now ranks 2.2 of 50 in reading with an overall rating of 39.4 of 100 (well below a failing grade) statewide.   It beats out only 14 of the demographically comparable schools of the state system. Like the president himself, the school’s rating is accompanied by the words “fails to meet expectations”.

Using the program of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) seems not to help disciplinary problems or pregnancies any more than the introduction of Common Core has helped academic achievement. Physical altercations are more common than study sessions and the police are called to the school almost as frequently as some students show up for class.

Obama is making his own legacy. However, because of the way he was cherished by the goof-eyed and ignorant masses before taking office, it is difficult to live up to the expectations held by even the semi-informed and quasi attentive Americans.


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