Being retired can lead to some interesting days. It can also render days of nothingness. On Thursday, I chose to spend the majority of the day watching the Benghazi hearings starring Hillary Clinton.

What I expected to see was an inquiry into what happened on the night of September 11, 2012. What I saw was a feud between Elija Cummings and Trey Gowdy. I did think and hope both Democrats and Republicans would be interested in identifying accountability for inadequate security at an American post in a hostile land on the anniversary of America’s greatest loss of lives caused by radical Islamic terrorists.

What I did see was a grueling stage show of fans and inquisitors. There were actually two committees which former Secretary Clinton addressed. Though every panelist pontificated before getting to their questioning, Republicans asked responsible questions bent on acquiring information about the attack, security at the compound and why no support was provided during the nearly twelve hour seige; why no fighter jets were scrambled or special warefare troops were even readied to assist our diplomats and intelligence agents.

On the other side of the platform was the cheering section. Democrats blew kisses to Hillary. They, one at a time, congratulated her on her wonderful service to the country as Secretary of State.  I believe I heard one ask her what color toe nail polish she had on that day after using up his time in glowing adoration.

And, while wasting the taxpayer money doing so, they chastised the Republicans on the committee for spending $4.7 million fighting the Obama administration for records and emails that would have cut the committee’s time to a minimum. Unfortunately, the State Department and other bureaucracies either could not produce the requested material or elected to obfuscate the investigative process.

All-in-all, Clinton skated again. She, like her boss, managed to deflect questions and place responsibility for all the bad news upon her staff, the “security professionals”, DOD, the Pentagon and the military. Once again, she managed to credit herself for those areas she believes she benefited as Secretary of State but denied all responsibility for the deaths of four Americans who, after multiple requests for more security, remained highly vulnerable in a hostile nation.

This is the woman who wants to be president and Democrats don’t care if she’s deceitful, conniving or a habitual liar.  She’s a Democrat just like them and therefore worthy of the office.


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One Response to “NO MY YOB”

  1. Smedley Butler Says:

    Why didn’t ambassador Stevens evacuate the embassy if he was so concerned about security? Because he could not see the future. Nor could his superiors.
    All embassies in hostile countries want more security. Unfortunate things sometimes happen at embassies in hostile countries. It was not Obama’s fault. It was not Clinton’s fault. It was a tragedy.
    Deal with it and move on.


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