For private enterprises, it’s outlawed. Since it’s the government, it’s right, it’s proper and it’s good for you. Nudging is subliminal and it’s effective. A “nudge” is offering what you want to happen and making someone comply if they don’t take steps to consciously reject it.  Nudging, thanks to Cass Sunstein, is now influencing the change promised by Barack Obama.

You don’t need to register to vote, simply apply for a driver license. When states do this, it not only allows people the opportunity to exercise the privilege of voting, it encourages voter turnout. That’s a nudge! Some states are now issuing driver licenses to foreign nationals who cannot even read or understand the driving laws, much less the politics of the nation, yet they may vote.

You no longer have to volunteer to be an organ donor. However, you must sign and file a waiver if you choose not to donate. That’s a nudge. If you fail to opt out of the program when you receive or renew your driver license, your innards can become part of an elected official or other highly influential person as soon as you die or a coerced private physician declares you dead.

This is called the “nudge theory”. Paying a fine to the government for not having health insurance is another form of nudge. Want to make sure that a progressive is in the White House? Just offer a Socialist campaigner and all of a sudden a staunch progressive looks like a moderate, viable and acceptable alternative. Or, on the other side of the aisle, allow a side-show celebrity figure offering inflammatory, bold and definitely not politically correct rhetoric to rally the far right. Now a normal conservative looks good.

The government denies that illegal aliens have any of the rights of citizenship…Welfare benefits, voting rights, Obamacare, Social Security benefits…yet they backdoor the privileges so that you, Mr. or Mrs. taxpayer don’t protest. That’s lying, but the uninformed accept it.

Want to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens? Simply make more places off-limits to guns. Wait for a depressed individual with an UZI on doctor directed medication to enter the grounds, then exploit the tragedy. Say, “See, I told you so. We’ve got to reduce the number of guns available to reduce the possibility of this happening again”. Another nudge.

If you’re the President and want to spend taxpayer money the way you want, take on an authoritarian posture.  Tell the American people military pay will be delayed, Social Security checks will not arrive on time and national parks will have to be closed. By doing so, members of congress who vote against your wishes become villains to those in the military, retirees or families planning a vacation. Nudge!

“Americans want” or “Most Americans say” are quiet nudges meant to make people feel left out if they don’t agree. Given that most people want to be with the majority, to be right, the influence can often cause people of indecisive or impressionable minds to go with the professed flow.

Before making any major decision, take the time to research how that decision may be unduly influenced.


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