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November 25, 2015

As President Obama imports tens of thousands of foreigners into our country, as refugees or simply out of economic compassion, he is fundamentally remaking the country…just as promised. Under his plan for “diversity” he is inviting chaos, animosity and exploiting factioning. As with most liberal mandates for inclusion, this is sure to create myriad unintended consequences. Or, perhaps it will aid the intended consequences.

He is doing so at the expense of not just the 1% against whom he has contrived hostility, he is digging into the pockets of what is left of the middle class and working poor. By executive edict, you are paying for airfair and accomodations as well as Welfare benefits and other social programs to welcome them and make them more comfortable. In some cases the stipend given for relocation exceeds the annual income of many working American families.

In large, these people do not choose to become part of the American culture. They have little desire to learn English or partake of American customs. They want to clique with their fellow countrymen. They want to have all that Americans have been known for without becoming Americanized.

Already Obama’s attempt at diversifying established neighborhoods is raising ire and provoking unrest. Planting new arrivals from Somalia, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Iraq, Syria, El Salvador, etc. in conventional American communities invites the potential for animosity. It is instigating antagonism. When forced upon both the “refugees” and citizens, it is bound to cause rancor and enmity when the new arrivals dissasociate themselves from their new neighbors.

This diversification action could well be another step toward martial law!

For years I have listened to the echos that Obama is incompetent. I am convinced, and have been since early in his first term, that he is scheming toward his own end. Each step he takes: lack of military action when and where needed, business busting over-regulation, silently escalating taxation among those who can least afford it or provoking and exacerbating the rift between conservatives and liberals takes America down a another notch in world standing. Interjecting foreign nationals into traditional communities and giving them more than American citizens can earn only images his flipping us the bird.


November 22, 2015

President Obama is following the terror plan of the radical Islamic jihadists from which most Americans seek protection. He has done it since his first day in office, he has continued to this day and will undoubtedly keep on until he is ultimately stopped, either at the end of his term or by more drastic earlier means. The end of his despotic reign cannot come soon enough because as his time runs short, he is becoming more bold.

While he says in speeches that he wants to work across the aisle in a bipartisan way, he invariably finishes each sentence with a vicious attack on those who disagree with him, or want to modify or amend his proposals to make them more palatable, and in some cases even legal. He becomes more aggressive against “We the People” than he has ever displayed against our enemies.

The majority of our congressional representatives agree that the refugee program as it is has tremendous potential for allowing terrorists to slip by. They voted to slow the screening process to enhance the safety of Americans.

ISIS claims that they will continue to escalate their carnage as long as war planes continue to bomb their strongholds. They will become stronger as the resistance to their mayhem continues. Likewise, President Obama vows defiantly to bring in more refugees from the areas with the highest populations of radical Islamists. The more we ask for thorough and reasonable vetting the more difficult he makes it to do so. Any questioning of his motives or actions and we are declared xenophobic or racist. As with always, he is siding with Muslims, and radical Muslims in particular, over the well-being of America and Americans.

Why this man has not been hauled off to Gitmo in shackles is beyond me. Each of his moves, from overwhelming the Welfare system and bankrupting the country to opening the prison gates allowing violent criminals to roam free to threatening border patrol and ICE agents if they do their jobs to weaponizing the IRS against conservatives to prodding and promoting hostility between poor and rich, people of color against whites, illegal aliens against citizens, gays against straights, etc. is treasonous. Congress’ lack of will to stop him should give many of them the clinking and clanking jewelry as well.

Can you say “All enemies, foreign and domestic”?


November 19, 2015

Everything Obama has done he has done to make America weaker and more vulnerable. He is giving everybody of the world an opportunity to partake of the remaining wealth of our nation. This is why he refuses to deport criminals, allows sanctuary cities, restricts the authority and jurisdiction of the Border Patrol and I.C.E.

He has said that he will veto any proposal to increase scrutiny of refugees from Syria and Iraq with the words, “This legislation would introduce unnecessary and impractical requirements that would unacceptably hamper our efforts to assist some of the most vulnerable people in the world.”

America, once a super power, is now diminished and diminishing. He has “retired” our most knowledgeable and capable Admirals and Generals to make room for Obama compliant minions. He refuses to listen to the few experienced commanders remaining at the Pentagon, Department of Defense and in the field.

Why not veto the vetting of “refugees” with headlines like “8 Syrians caught at Texas Border”  and “Honduras arrests five Syrians headed to US with stolen passports” and “In first six weeks of FY2016 we resettled 827 Somalis; all but one are Muslim” ? Makes sense to me.


Political Cartoons by Bob Gorrell

Now understand, I have nothing against people coming to this country to escape the mayhem in their homeland. I don’t understand why they run rather than defending themselves and their homes. Instead, they’re evacuating in numbers that would make up multiple military divisions (10,000 – 20,000 soldiers each). Certainly enough to put up a good resistance. But that may be just me.

What bothers me, and bothers me a lot, is that we have no way of telling who they are or whether they want to be here just to do us harm. Paris was very accommodating to Muslims until the disguised radicals among them started killing French citizens by the scores.

For years now I have ranted about people coming here uninvited and without verifiable documentation to prove that they are not cartel members, assassins, drug dealers, gang members or terrorists. It is now time to cast blind acceptance aside and start weeding the Garden of Complacency. Our lives depend on it!


November 14, 2015

When Democrats are in charge, there is no need for gerrymandering. Without mandate or even authority, President Obama’s minions place “new arrivals” aka refugees, aka illegal aliens in specific districts and states changing the political makeup to favor Democrats. It’s Chicago politics squared. It’s despotic!

He uses tax dollars to move imported refugees and invaders to areas of high Republican voters. Be they the Muslims with potential terrorist ties that he welcomes into the country or the masses invading from the South and assaulting our shores, they are guided to strategic areas of the country. He then authorizes them the ability to vote. Thus, redistricting is not necessary. He’s doing everything to secure the makeup of various voting districts rather than protecting the nation.

When overloading a voting district isn’t enough, party members simply program voting machines or vote counters to elect Democrats no matter what box is penned or which chad is punched. Is anybody still wondering how 103% of eligible, registered voters in some districts voted Democrat in 2008 and 2012? (E.g. According to the League of Women Voters, four districts in Fulton County, Georgia [2/3 Democrat, 1/3 Republican] showed greater than 100% voter turnout in the 2012 election.) One hundred percent voter turnout is statistically impossible.

Does it still concern you why some districts showed NO, none, not any, zero, zip, nada Republican votes in the 2012 election?

Maybe the 2016 election is already in the bag for Democrats no matter who wins the nomination…of either party. But, then again, there are still months remaining before announcing the chosen ones and almost a full year to rig the election.

In addition to the tens of thousands assaulting our southern border, we are accepting another 70,000-200,000 “refugees” from the primarily Muslim countries of Iraq, Somalia, Bhutan, Burma, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Afghanistan and, of course, Syria. This is not only a national integrity issue, this is a national security issue.

By allowing the uncontrolled and unvetted influx of foreign nationals, we don’t know why the individuals are coming here. Is it for jobs, self-betterment, personal security, entitlements, to set off dirty bombs or simply to change the established voting patterns?


November 11, 2015

Today’s journalists interpret the news and report it through their version of artistic representation. They identify more with the arts (symbolic portrayal) than factual accounting.

News reporting of the current era is much like the Hollywood fulfillment of a preconceived outcome. Reporters, either conscientiously or unconsciously, start with their ideal outcome then try to write a story that justifies that idea. Since most actors in Hollywood and mainstream newscasters flair to the liberal or progressive mentality, the general public predominantly sees only that slanted side of events.

Whether on air or in print, it is difficult to identify truth through the words used. That goes for the majority as well as the researched seven to ten percent who share a conservative bias. The only way for one to assure one’s self of truth or accuracy is to do some personal in-depth searching for both sides of any important issue. The general inclination is to accept what is presented without verification. Thus, we are being brainwashed as we blindly and ignorantly accept the subjugation.

With like mindset, the stories are told and retold by newscasters.  Often using the same skewed verbiage (aka talking points) without threat of being called for plagiarism. This ideological group-think is purveyed to the public as news.  In actuality it is influencing behavior.  The more times you hear the same phrasing from various sources, the greater the chances of acceptance.

Ronald Reagan is often accredited for the phrase, “Trust but verify” that he used when speaking to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. Actually, the phrase fed back to Gorbavhev is the English translation of the Russian saying, “doveryai, no proveryai”.

That was then, this is now. Might I suggest that we verify before trusting? Just a little effort might make a big difference.  There is just too much polarized influence to accept any first proclamation.

See NUDGE THEORY posted on October 30, 2015 for more information about how your thoughts and ideas are influenced.