The institutions that used to help our youth learn to live in society are now teaching them to be victims of that society. Anything can incite victim hood. What was normal conversation just a few years ago, an exchange of ideas, is now considered by some to be so revolting that they must run away from the initiator. Trigger words that are known only to a few can be so insulting that police must intervene. Just saying “people of color” immediately makes a bigot out of those uttering the phrase and a casualty of the aural recipient.

“You look nice today” causes the over analytic societal specimens to feel they might not have looked their best yesterday. If said by a man to a woman or vice versa, it could be interpreted as a sexual advance. When that is the case, the one offering the compliment might be placed on a list of sexual predators and denied future employment.

Liberals want so much to be victims that they create situations for which they can whine. Creating “safe places” in colleges where they can banter among themselves without having to hear reasoned dissenting opinion or opposing facts are just some ways to avoid the reality of life. Invading the safe space with words or gestures grants them the right to be offended. And offending one of the easily upset might be as simple as wearing a certain color.

Red and green are out for some whinies at certain colleges and universities. Inclusivity mandates that students not wear colors previously identified with Christmas because some (1) person may feel left out. Perhaps we’d better change the tail lights on our cars for the rest of the year to keep some overprotected wuss from seeing the antagonizing hue.

If you’re going to present a color, you must show a rainbow as well. That’s the only way to be color comprehensive and diverse. Still, you may risk affronting a mauve or chartreuse lover. Don’t worry though, they’ll let you know before retreating to a safe place.

You might be hauled off in cuffs or at least detained for several hours simply for uttering Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah if there is an atheist, Buddhist or Muslim in the immediate area. The greetings do not include them.

Apparently, festively decorated trees can cause today’s youth to go into convulsions at this time of year as well. Garland, mangers, wreathes and sleigh bells or the mention of God will send some of the milksops to the psychiatrist office for multiple hour-long sessions and a prescription for heavy duty medication to make them feel all wonderful again.

Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends and Merry Christmas to my Christian friends. All others please accept my open greeting for wellness, longevity and the opportunity to celebrate as you wish. I certainly hope I have offended no one and that I was able to include everyone. Otherwise, I would just feel so very, very bad I would have to take a handful of mind altering synthetic pharmaceuticals and cower in a closet until I felt better about myself.


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