The Black Liberation Collective makes demands on colleges and universities that are as utterly ridiculous as Obama’s strategy for eliminating ISIS. They want free tuition for black students, more black professors and administrators and mandatory gender/race/ethnicity studies. None of their dictates will do a thing to improve education for anybody including blacks.

Ivy leaguers want speech prohibited if it could in any way offend any one. Muslims claim religious discrimination after radical Islamists take the lives of innocents. People on government stipends clamor for more money to get ahead of inflation in a failing economy. Illegal aliens demand and receive all the rights and privileges of citizens. Workers with minimum intellect, education, skill and value demand more money but choose not to upgrade their usefulness to employers. Receiving wages commensurate with value is no longer an option for them. Blacks accept that white privilege holds them back so they tend not to try to better themselves. Instead, they congregate in large cities and kill one another and the police who are there to protect the lawful citizens and others. And President Obama is promoting the ill will with his words and deeds.

Our children are arrested for playing like the raiders of the future or the cowboys of old because they point fingers and say bang or zzzaapp. They are subjected to arrest and detainment for showing affection on school grounds. Some are labeled sexual predators as young as five and six.

The Attorney General sends the mixed message, “if you see something, say something” however, if we feel you are guilty of profiling or racial, religious, or ethnic bigotry you may become a target of investigation yourself.

This administration is fomenting dissension among every sect, group or fragment of society. It is an effort to break down the society so that it can be rebuilt from the ground up with only two classes. This is what Karl Marx tried to do in the mid to latter 19th century. Our current Narcissist-In-Chief believes he is the one who can successfully direct and accomplish the perfect melding of social engineering, economic equality and central oversight. Thus far, he is being allowed to do one fine job of it.

Unfortunately, he may well be right. No despot; not Marx nor Stalin nor Lenin nor Mussolini, had the forethought of politically correct speech to capture the minds of their minions. Political speech was curtailed under them, but otherwise aggregate speech was allowed. Political correctness is a way of controlling not only the speech of the proles, it is a way of softening their minds to readily accept the otherwise unacceptable. If it cannot be defined as bad, it must be accepted as reasonable.

Anger builds from the bottom up as the middle-class vanishes. The government is not only complicit in instigating the dissension in many ways it is exacerbating it. We can only look forward to more “man caused disasters” not only from radical Islamic extremists, but from the disenfranchised and exasperated masses within.


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