Despite employers and industry investors trying very hard to grow business and hire workers, the federal government is constantly in the way. Obama’s desire to create “clean room” atmospheric conditions across the globe is one way he has personally stymied that growth. Under his watch of seven years now, the massive and oppressive EPA (Employee Purging Agency), has instituted myriad job killing regulations. To comply with his fairyland ideals, companies must spend time, energy, production hours and money on fantasy projects to purify the environment rather than producing product and hiring workers.

He has broken the hopes of employment or re-employment for over a third of the potential citizen workerforce by flooding the market with foreigners, some illegal and some on H-1B visas. Now he is ready to collapse the economy of the states hardest hit by his actions with a mandate that they subsidize the pay for men and women returning to the labor force.  Let’s see now…the bulk of the employee tax revenue goes to the federal government.  But the states must subsidize the wages of returning employees.  Okay, yeah, that sounds fair to me.

It is hard to tell if his attempt to micro-manage the U.S. job market and economy is failing out of ignorance or if it is suceeding as purposely planned.  Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, Frances Fox Piven, Richard Cloward, Karl Marx, Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers among others would agree and even applaud the outcomes.

Everything he has tried to “fundamentally change” has turned out poorly for the patriotic American people. He has decimated the top echelon of the military and reduced our security capabilities, butchered the coal industry and he has created more needy and dependent families than many third world countries. His “shovel ready” projects to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure never existed and the appropriated money was superfluously wasted. The agencies under his control have instituted and enforced fees, taxes and fines that stifle business growth. His presidency is mentored and influenced by Marxist, Socialist and Communist ideologues, lobbyists and leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. He has caused our allies to question our trustworthiness while he appeases our most dangerous enemies.And the list goes on…

Under his tenure, and due primarily to his policies, the recession has been unnecessarily extended. Many of the better paying jobs requiring skill, education and experience have left our shores for more stablity. The remaining positions are now often filled by part time workers in order to avoid the burden of Obamacare. Employees work less, earn even less proportionally (approximately 10% less hourly) and are generally less well off than those in the same positions just ten years ago.

Yet, he is “confident that the State of our Union is strong”.


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